1. It’s yaffle…. he’s got a disconnect somewhere.

    I see it as the final draft is better and at a higher level than an earlier. If there presidents are higher level and intelligent example of four men, the four stooges are lower level and less intelligent example of four men.

    Of course, that’s not how art drafts work even if we suspend disbelief and/or logic.

    Yaffle just has a disconnect.

  2. The only one I can definitively recognize is Larry (2nd from the right). If the 2nd from the left is supposed to be Moe, then the hairline should have been straight, not wavy. Neither of the other two looks anything like Curly (meaning bald). My guess Is that the one on the far right is supposed to be Shemp, but since I usually avoided the “Shemp” episodes as a kid, I cannot be sure.
    P.S. Alternative (simpler) captions: “The Four Stooges” or “Mount Stoogemore”.
    P.P.S. I’m getting really tired of that stupid bird, and besides, it should have been sitting on one of those “happy little trees”, and not painted onto a rock.

  3. Curly is the only problematic likeness here. The little ‘fringes’ in Moe’s hair(not ‘waves’; it’s Larry whose hair looks more ‘wavy’, when it should look more ‘frizzed’) aren’t enough to render him unrecognizable.
    Shemp really does look like ‘himself’ here, even with that part in his hair. I’m not sure why Curly’s lack of hair was too much for the cartoonist.

  4. I never thought to “read” Mt. Rushmore as representative of the likeness’ political leanings… I wonder if it works? Washington is the most left, followed by Jefferson, then Lincoln is more right, followed by Teddy Roosevelt… Hmmm — or should it be “stage” left and right, in which case Washington is the most conservative, Jefferson more to the left, Lincoln a more centrist leftist, and Teddy a flaming liberal…

    I could almost argue that… But of course, it’s real shaky, and easy to argue against — Washington was a bona fide revolutionary, you can’t get more left that that, whereas Roosevelt was a well-known conservative… uh, I mean conservationist…

  5. “I never thought to “read” Mt. Rushmore as representative of the likeness’ political leanings”

    And why would you now?

  6. The one on the left looks more like Curly Joe DeRita than he does Curly. You can justify Shemp, since he was an original member of the troupe. Curly only came in after Shemp left following a disagreement with their manager, and Shemp came back reluctantly after Curly’s stroke. Anyway, Shemp, okay, but Curly Joe?

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