1. This piece is one of my favorite melodies to wake up to! I have it programmed into my morning alarm, it hits the right balance between rousing you without alarming you (non pun intended).

  2. Just ordered his CD (yes, I still buy CDs, altho I upload them to iTunes for the Sonos music system . . . I’d probably wear a belt AND suspenders if I were a man).

  3. This piece gave me a haunting sense of “déjà vu“, but since I’ve never heard of the artist, it must be reminding me of something else, and I cannot figure out what that might be.

  4. @Kilby Jason Vieaux is one of my go-to guys for the classical guitar. If you look up his recordings, he’s covered the classical guitar repertoire, but also Pat Metheny hommage on classical guitar. The piece itself (Sunburst) is a composition of Andrew York, and he is also worth seeking out for his recordings. I saw Andrew at a small concert in MI playing with Alex de Grassi (double treat). Also – Sunburst has been covered by even more artists, so maybe it’s out there and crossed your ears before!

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