1. Sunbathing is dangerous because if you fall asleep while doing it, you’ll end up covered in tar?

  2. We can see a pretty serious sunburn by panel 3. So the black stuff in panels 3 & 4 cannot be just symbolic for burning up — and why would it affect the lounge chair as well? Even if a colorist’s error, the shape and placement are wrong, also wrong for evening shadow.

    Is the cushion perhaps made from a bad plastic that melts, extrudes, and carbonizes??

  3. The tree shadow coming over her made her aware that the sun bath that was supposed to end at 2:30 has unconsciously and disastrously been extended to late afternoon.

  4. I suspect that this is a set up for another strip. In the earlier strips Arlo was complaining to Janis about her sunbathing. I guess that tomorrow or the next day it will be revealed that Arlo dumped something on her.

  5. Yup, incredibly dark tree shadow is indicating a long time has passed, and she’s gonna have a doozy of a sunburn.

  6. Yup, incredibly dark tree shadow is indicating a long time has passed, and she’s gonna have a doozy of a sunburn.

  7. It was even harder to figure out in my newspaper that doesn’t use color. I assumed it was a tree shadow after staring at it for several seconds.

  8. The “black stuff” is nothing more than the shadows of the bushes around her. If you look at the third panel, you can see that they’re already starting to creep up on her, indicating that the sun has been descending for a while.

    And that it’s extra black hints that it’s going to be pitch black very soon.

    So not only did Janis end up squandering the day away with getting nothing done (she only intended to sunbathe for an hour or less, I’m sure), she now has to live out her next few days with a sunburn as a painful reminder of her mistake.

  9. Not to mention that the sunburn is going to be oddly shaped because half of her back was in shadow for some of the time.

  10. I thought the same thing, Folly. It probably would have been less noticable if Johnson had just gone for it.

  11. My first thought was she was being attacked by the creature that killed Tasha Yar.

  12. But couldn’t Johnson have just shown Janis as bright red, rather than suggesting she’ll be performing Saturday’s strip in blackface?

  13. That’s surprisingly close to an actual swear word for a print comic.

    Not as bad as “$#!+”.

  14. Shows what mood I’m in….

    So she’s fussing about Arlo overworrying about sunbathing which could have hazardous result. The “Oh,s***” moment is when she realizes she has passed the point of no return and she should have headed Arlo’s warning.

    I’m at a stage in my life that all my shortcomings, bad habits, and financial troubles are worrying me that I’ll wake one day and think “Oh, s***” when I realize I’ve gone too far and can never return… I worry about that frequently.


    My first thought is Janice did something *really* bad and just realized she’s about to die and these are her last seconds on earth.

    Okay, she just realized she’s fallen asleep and going to have a hell of a sunburn but….

  15. Just be happy this isn’t Funky Winkerbean, or Janis would be dead within the year.

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