1. As I’ve mentioned, things really aren’t all that different for me these days. I keep track of the day of the week because the structuring I set up when I stopped being a productive member of society still applies, with a few tweeks. One change is that Friday afternoon is now grocery shopping day, rather than Saturday evening. Also I don’t meet my buddy for pizza and beer. I don’t know if our usual restaurant will open up inside dining when the county starts to ease restrictions next week.

  2. My initial comment was that I would be concerned there would be too many people walking in the woods (in my area) on a nice day, so I was wondering (tongue-in-cheek) if I’d have the woods to myself on a miserable rainy one.

  3. And here I was, trying to guess the poet you were quoting (or the kiddie book). This time, you were the poet!

  4. Tues, Thurs, Sat I get to go out to the mailbox with a plastic sandwich bag on my hand and bring in the mail – in a plastic zip bag, I stop in the side porch and spray in Lysol and seal the bag for a week before I am “allowed” to open it and deal with the mail, which I do just before taking the bag outside to reuse for the next week’s mail.

    Monday night – he has hot dogs for dinner (through next Monday at least). Saturday night he looks for a movie on Roku to watch. Otherwise – day to day no difference other than what it is on TV at night.

    We should have some excitement this week – he ordered food from Walmart yesterday which will be arriving on various days later this week into next, and he found a list of foods that he should have ordered and will do so tomorrow. Also I called up and they mailed the mail in our PO box to us – should be here tomorrow – same will be done to it as mail from our box at the house.

    Oh – and on Sunday nights I go out and put the outgoing mail for the week in our box for the mail carrier to take with him for us – and some weeks we have garbage to put out then.

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