1. The copyright date on this Pickles strip (from Saturday, in the gutter between the 3rd & 4th panels) is 2004, the date on Sunday’s strip was 2008. Last Saturday was also from 2004. The rest of the week seems current (2020), there’s no indication why these re-runs were inserted.

  2. P.S. If there’s someone out there who still reads Pickles in a print edition, it would be interesting to see whether the reruns appeared there, too, or whether they were just censorship at GoComics.

  3. As unlikely as it would seem, I can’t think of any other reason why the GoComics (or the syndicate) would suddenly replace three apparently random strips with 12 and 15 year old reruns. A weekend seems a little too short for an author’s sabbatical.

  4. I can confirm that this Pickles strip was published in my local newspaper on Saturday. I didn’t notice it was a rerun.

  5. I think that grandparents (or other “old” people) in comic strips tend to be locked into the generation of the strip creator’s grandparents, regardless of how much time has passed. So, for example, if a creator is 55, the strip grandparents represent 70 year old folks from about 1975, when the creator was a child.

  6. Not having children or grandchildren makes on feel ageless. *I* do, anyway. I’m an ‘aging hippie’ and still a flamin’ liberal, despite the years I’ve put on.

  7. McDonald’s HAS been around for decades, yes, but the Pickles guy has apparently been around for even more decades.

    I’m 74, and as best I can recall I didn’t encounter the concept of “fast food” (at least in the sense of multi-site outlets with the same menu and with the same name) until my first year of college (1963) — other than A&W root beer, but that was mostly for the root beer; the food was secondary.

    But I grew up as a farm kid outside a small town in northern Minnesota, and I suppose kids in more Happening Locales may have pipped me on that experience.

  8. Kilby – I read the Pickles strip and I read them in the regional newspaper and not online.

    Perhaps the dog ate some of his comic strips?

  9. It used to be that strip creators would make extra strips to cover vacations and that sort of thing. These days they usually go with reruns.

  10. Ah Raising Duncan. Chris Browne used to post on rec.art.comics.strip back in the day. That strip was of course the most personal one for him.

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