1. Certainly not. Kids who received one as a child are at most 28 now. And a new version was just released in 2017.

  2. Not to mention that the TV show that used to be “(visit everyone on) Sesame Street” has been transformed into “the Elmo solo screech and shriek hour”.

  3. I manage not to blow my nose into my glasses-wiping cloths, but it is a familiar issue how to keep them clean and thus not just smear the lenses. And I still don’t know which of the various kinds of microfiber hanky can go thru the ordinary wash.

  4. Shouldn’t that be “tinkle me Elmo” to make the joke work. Trickle unless it is a euphemism in some other country doesn’t make sense and is Trickle even a word in English?

  5. Raymond, ‘trickle’ is certainly a word, but your ‘tinkle’ is certainly better in this joke.

  6. Uh, has something changed very recently? There has long been, in English speaking countries at least, the admonition for women to keep underarms shaved. In fact, I understand the trend now, perhaps inspired by the prevalence of pornography, is that young ladies (I’d think 35-40 would probably be the dividing line) now go with…hardwood floors, rather than carpet, if you get my drift. So that really doesn’t make sense.

    Never clean your glasses with a paper towel or tissue. They will scratch it and over time you will wind up with many tiny scratches. Considering how much glasses cost, go for cleaning solution and microfibre cloth.

    If the Elmo joke were based on trickle-down economics (or “voodoo economics”, as characterized by that socialist firebrand, George Bush I), it would be an empty box and we’d see a rich kid with all the Elmo dolls.

  7. “Considering how much glasses cost…”

    $6.95 plus $4.95 flat-fee shipping from Hong Kong…

    Every time my prescription changes, I get 4 or 5 glasses, just because; often the frame that I thought would be “too much” that I only got because, hey, it’s way cheap, turns out to be my favorite and the one I wear all the time.

  8. You’re lucky, larK. I have an extremely complicated prescription. I can expect to pay 100 times that for progressive lens made from super-high index plastics, various coatings, photosensitive tint, all ground to accommodate severe astigmatism. And lest one thinks I’m paying too much, “my guy” gives me a very good deal when compared to elsewhere.

    Given your costs, however, you have my permission to sandblast them if you wish. 🙂

  9. @SingaporeBill: you might want to look at Zenni Optical I don’t currently have astigmatism[1] but my progressive lens glasses cost under $40 from them. High index plastc, UV blockers, and one pair is photosensitive (but I don’t like the wait for clearing when I come indoors, so I stopped buying those).

    No guarantee they’ll beat “your guy” but pricing a set can’t hurt.

    Also, no pun intended by “look at” a glasses maker. But I’ll take it.

    [1]I had astigmatism from teenagerhood into my thirties. Astigmatism tends to randomly vary. Mine apparently randomly varied away and hasn’t come back. It’s also possible my former optometrist misdiagnosed me, of course.

  10. $800. I USED to have to pay the same for prescription sunglasses, ’til Cocoons came on the market; I thought $50 was a great price, now they’re $20 at WM or Walgreens.

    The first time my college French teacher raised her hand (whilst wearing a sleeveless dress) to write on the [geezer alert] chalkboard, I heard a GASP! reverberate thru the entire classroom. I immediately thought of her when I read this comic, but I didn’t consider it an EW! enough to send along.

  11. Noticing my own typos above … Bill, if you’re using one of the non-basic paid plans at wordpress.com, you can install one of the advanced comments plugins. Or not, but it would make some things easier.

  12. I second the recommendation for Zenni Optical. I’ve been buying from them for 10+ years, and have never been disappointed. A friend who has a seriously wonky prescription says they get hers right every time.

  13. So how often do “Ewww” submissions actually contain the word “Ewww” within the comic as does the Elmo one?

  14. I purposely didn’t link or even name them, thinking for sure I’d end up in the spam folder had I done so, but I guess I was being overly cautious…

    The assistants at my optometrist get really pissy when I don’t buy my glasses from their office, and demand to know where I get my prescription filled, threatening to report me, that it’s illegal in our state to not get prescription glasses from licensed optometrists; fortunately the optometrist himself is cool with it, and I like him, but if his office keeps it up, I won’t be going back any more, after nearly 20 years…

  15. larK, my opthalmologist has strongly hinted that I should buy from the optician in his office. I pointed out to him that his office is located an hour from my current home, and I work. His optician is only open until 5:00 pm M-F.

    He immediately conceded that this made it impractical and never brought it up again.

  16. larK, it wouldn’t take more than one threat to make me go elsewhere. And probably report him.

    Yeah, you knew enough to say no, so you weren’t harmed, but a lot of other patients won’t.

  17. I had my eyes checked today as part of a free health screening at my local warehouse club. The nice young lady administering the test admired my glasses and asked where I got them. I told her with a bit of pride, that I’d only paid $30 for these prescription bifocals online at Zenni. We discussed this a bit, and I mentioned my unfortunate habit of laying glasses down in random places and losing them. I told her that I could afford several pairs online for the price of a single pair at the local optician. She agreed that this made a lot of sense, and told me it was great that I had found such an affordable option. After moving to the next station in the screening, I happened to glance back at her nametag and noted that she was the manager for the club’s optical department. Oops! Open mouth, insert foot!

  18. I think Parisi may have gone with “trickle” (instead of “tinkle“) to avoid a fight with the syndicate’s censors.
    P.S. I didn’t think the first comic was that funny, partly because where I live, those peculiar American shaving prejudices are generally ignored, but now it appears that the snowperson on the left is advocating a “return to nature”, which might be a good idea.

  19. @ “paper vs. cloth” – One of our optometrists advised soft paper over cloth towels. According to him, any cloth that has been through the wash is more likely to retain hard residues (microscopic grains of sand, etc.). I let my wife take car of her and my daughter’s (prescription) glasses, but since mine are of the cheap drugstore variety, I generally use a shirt sleeve.

  20. “Do not fear, larK, links don’t put you into Moderation”

    Mine do, quite often . . . I never check to see if I’ve been ‘let out’, tho.

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever been moderated here. I speculate it’s because I post using my WordPress account. (I also have a far-less-popular WP blog.)

    Paper actually comes with its own little silica granules. This is because it’s made from plant fibers, and land plants contain silica granules.

  22. Kilby, when was the last time you watched Sesame Street? 2001?

    Last I saw, Elmo’s been toned way down since the days of “Elmo’s World”.

  23. The ONLY times I’ve been sent to Coventry is when I’ve put in links . . . usually links to my own directory (alldogssite.com), or several links in one post. So I drew a [logical, to me] conclusion from that evidence. And I’m not cute; never was. Well, maybe when I was a child, but my family was prejudiced.

  24. And lotion-impregnated tissues are DEFinitely not good for cleaning glasses. I think there’s even a warning on the box regarding this.

  25. @ Powers – Actually, the last episode I caught was in 2015, but I was zapping through channels in the middle of the night (already awake because of jetlag), so it was entirely possible that it was a re-run on some other network, rather than fresh material on PBS.

  26. I have bought from Zenni, glassesshop, and a couple others; they all do a good job with my (weird, strong) prescription, but I’m picky about my frames (hate plastic and wide edges, both of which are in fashion at the moment) and every time I go back to buy again they don’t have my preferred metal half-rims in gold.
    I have also bought from J.C. Penney (my first pair of progressives – worked very well, but lordy it’s expensive), and from Costco (also way too expensive, and my frames are crappy. One so light it bends, one is threatening to crack at the bridge after about 18 months). So I’m going back to online glasses shops, but I have to actually go look at what they have…

  27. I’m sick and tired of progressives! (Not a political comment.) I might go back to “real” trifocals or bifocals, with lines and all. The issue is with the location of the reading area.

    It’s been pointed out that the locations are the same even with segmented lenses, but (1) the lines help, cause then I can know / notice which area I’m looking thru, and (2) it’s not really the same, since there’s a gradient all the way, but once over the line with segmented lens you are fully in that area.

  28. I’m glad to hear you say that, Mitch4, because I could never afford the progressive lenses, and now I don’t have to try. 🙂

  29. Luckily, my near vision still isn’t too bad. I can read newsprint in decent light. I can focus at about six inches away without my glasses, so I take them off for most reading purposes. Most of my reading these days is on the iPad, so I can up the font there to where I like it. Same for the PC, I have the base font size up quite a bit in Firefox. I could get bifocals/progressives but there isn’t much reason to spend the money.

  30. SingaporeBill – I grew up with a dad who also wore eyeglasses (mom did, but spent a couple of decades trying to have them removed from her driver’s license as she only needed them when she was pregnant with me) and he taught me to breathe on the lenses and rub them with my shirt – but remember, these are glass lenses. Still do it even with the 2 plastic lens pairs I own.

  31. I have worn distance glasses since 2nd grade – the first two pairs were not even safety glass, which started to be sold between the two pairs – my brief case fell off my desk in class in third grade with the glasses in them – after that mess I always had safety glass. When plastic lenses came along I was talked into getting a pair – terrible, I was always checking to see if I had glasses on as they were too light.

    I now own a wardrobe of glasses – Progressive for general use, Progressive polychromatic (plastic lenses as they could not make in glass) for when we are walking in the sun and in and out of places. I have a spare pair of progressives as they were also suppose to be polychromatic (glass lenses as they still made in glass 2 years ago) but never changed color and we did not make it back in time to have fixed at their cost, so they are in our car as my second pair. (Out one night before I got them and my glasses broke. If Robert had not been with me I would have had to drive home with sunglasses – so put a spare pair in the car after this happened just in case.)

    I have distance sunglasses in the car. I have distance glasses in the bedroom (or watching TV in bed means watching through the reading part of the progressives). Before I ended up with the extra extra progressives I had a pair of distance glasses to leave in the car (after the broken pair) which is going to our RV so I don’t have to remember to bring glasses to watch TV in bed in same. I have reading glasses – older Rx – upstairs to use while using the computer and working at my desk. I have reading glasses – newer Rx – in the kitchen – wearing now – for use while using laptop and sewing. (These were free as we had a medical insurance plan and got them even though not needed as we were po’d at the insurance company.)

    I also have 18 th c reenacting glasses – repro frames – in distance and sunglass. Before I was able to find the frames I had bought metal frames in smallish ovals (but larger than repro frames) to use at first for 18th century.and after I got the repro frames, I used the older ones for 19th c events (we used to do one a year) and I keep the sunglasses from this in our van to use as sunglasses in general as they are actually modern frames.

    Lately we have buying eyeglasses at a Walmart optician in one of their stores. We had started with same both because they were cheaper than other places and because they still had glass lenses when no one else did. I think that they still do, but not in the polychromatic. The cheapest frames are around $20 and lenses start at something like $38 – prices are off the top of my memory. Been happy with them so far.

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