1. He’s planning to generate heartburn with the ranch dressing allied wioth lack of exercise, but is prepped for that with the medication.

  2. The joke seems to be that of course he doesn’t have heartburn, he has his medication. The ranch dressing and lack of exercise would certainly be enough to give me heartburn, but “better living through chemistry” seems to be he approach to life.

  3. Yeah, this “better living through chemistry” idea is problematic, just because the human body is such a complex system. While back I had really bad acid reflux. I went to a doctor, and he prescribes a proton pump inhibitor, because better living through chemistry. Only two problems 1) the PPI didn’t alleviate the symptoms, 2) PPIs reduce magnesium blood levels, causing me to experience sever muscle spasms, a problem I’ve had throughout my life, but now exacerbated by the PPI (the doctor poo-pooed this when I told him about it, refusing to believe that reduced magnesium blood level had anything to do with it — of course; that’s not his specialty! I had been taking magnesium supplements and the wild random back spasms that used to plague me seemed to be under control, so when I found out that PPIs reduce magnesium levels, this was an obvious causal relationship to me; I’m a trial of one, so maybe it’s placebo, but as long as it works, what do I care the cause?)
    Weeks of taking the PPI to no effect, and then back spasms to boot, I stopped the PPI, said phooey to the doctor, and read up and found apple cider vinegar (the kind with the “mother”) — immediate relief from the acid reflux that had been plaguing me for weeks. Seems that the stomach does host its own microbiome, despite its high acidity (the guys who discover Helicobacter pylori, the cause of stomach ulcers, won a Nobel, after decades of no one believing them…), and the microbes that grow and live in the “mother” of the vinegar are similarly acid tolerant, and apparently help rebalance the microbe population in the stomach, and a healthy population makes for a healthy stomach and a healthy person.
    The other popular better living through chemistry heat burn medication are Histamine 2 blockers (eg: Zantac), and they interfere with calcium absorption, leading to all kinds of problems, which is why the better better-living-through-chemistry doctors prescribe the PPIs….

  4. And for short-term heartburn, a tsp of baking soda in water does the trick immediately.

    Another problem with these acid-reducers is that, if/when you quit them, there is a rebound effect. Thanks, but no thanks.

  5. LarK,

    That apple cider vinegar thing seemed like a bad idea and I could not see how it would not just make worse. The fact that it works and works better than anything else I’ve tried still doesn’t make sense, but at this point who cares.

  6. I’m happy to see Wallace the Brave here, even as a CIDU (he doesn’t have heartburn because, like me, he takes medicine to prevent it) because it’s such a great comic. One of the best, I think, and perfect for folks who miss Calvin and Hobbes and Cul de Sac.

  7. There are two jokes here:
    1. The kid is acting like one of us geezers with his definition of what makes a good day off
    2. The kid is holding up the bottle to show prove that that is why he doesn’t have heartburn. As larK said, better living through chemistry.

  8. There was once a now-dead folkie, political activist, singer, journalist, reviewer and PR chap (and other things) called Karl Dallas, who performed a couple of times in the mid-00s at the venerable folk club in Bradford my brother attends and I do the website for. He went to Iraq in 2003, with the aim of becoming a human shield to prevent the invasion of Iraq, before these two appearances. So when creating the title image for his date on the site I took some harmless pleasure in portraying his name correctly but with a subtle long shadow that I had reversed to read “Irak Sallad”. I don’t think anyone noticed, except my brother.

  9. I thought he was using the bottle of pills as a musical instrument, but then he would have on some sort of music channel (like MTV once was) instead of PBS.

  10. @ Grawlix – Spud is always looking for a way to get out of Wallace’s crazy ideas. He also loves to eat.

  11. Oh, I remember sleeping late on a snow day and having an “extra” day.

    Now the crazy man insists on going out early (well, early for us) and clearing the snow away “or it will be here until spring” even when there is a minimal amount of snow and it will be warm enough in the afternoon or the next day to melt it away.

    Then again,for some reason that we cannot figure out, the snow will melt everywhere and we will still have snow at our house. Originally our theory was that we face east and slightly north, but then the houses on either side of us should also have still have snow. Then there was the “we have blacktop and that the house (north of us) has a cement driveway – but the one to the south of us also has blacktop. So we have no idea of why our snow stays and stays and stays.

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