1. Those elevator buttons are, to me, one of the biggest icon fails in common use today. I have to pause and think every single time about which one means “open” and which means “close”. My brain processes the “close” icon as arms being flung open, kind of like the victim in this Off The Mark strip, or like the motions we would make when we were trying to stop an elevator door from closing in the old days (when we didn’t have the fancy buttons) by forcing it back open with our arms. I wonder if the icon designers did any research testing, because I can’t believe I’m the only one who gets an impression of “opening” from the “close” icon. It would be a lot clearer if the arrow heads were attached to actual arrow “bodies”; this simplification muddles the much more ingrained concept of direction that would be implied by:
    -> <-
    Sometimes I also see a butterfly.

  2. I think Mr. Parisi has some ‘splainin’ to do. Samson’s been doing very creative variations on this joke for years.

  3. Don’t know if Samson’s already done it, but another fun result for pushing that button would be flying away in Darth Vader’s ship. He’d probably draw it better than I would.

  4. @ padraig – I can’t reconcile those angles with Vader’s ship, its wings are bent in the other direction:

  5. @mwgallaher: you and me both, buddy. You’d think we’d learn, but no…

  6. @ padraig – OK, the angle in that shot makes it a little easier to see the resemblance you mentioned, but that’s a standard “TIE” fighter. I was confused above because you mentioned “Vader’s” ship, which had a different design.

  7. I rarely if ever use the close doors or open doors buttons. However, in the rehab hospital mom is in, the elevator doors do not close unless one pushes the (correct) door close button and holds it. I guess this is to keep the doors from closing on those in wheelchairs or who walk slowly. (Why correct doors button – back of elevator has a different door which opens to service areas.)

  8. When I was a young Physics student back in the Long Ago, we were in a five-story building. Physics occupied the fifth floor. So many used the elevator quite a bit. It was a known trick that you could manually open the doors while it was moving. if you did it between floors, there would be a wall there that people would write stuff with chalk.

    One of the other Physics guys figured out a better trick. He’d wait until the elevator was close to the first floor then open the doors. Now you’d see the top half or so of the outer doors. There was a safety release that would open those. So the doors would open and the people waiting would see an elevator several feet in the air. He would squirm out and drop to floor. Leaving the others to decide whether they wanted to chance the ride.

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