1. That’s King Kong in the window. He was outside the window, without any pants on. He’s been forced to “step down” which is why you can no longer see that he isn’t wearing pants. Having been informed what he was showing to the people in the offices with window views, he’s apologized for that.

  2. I think it’s a play on other powerful males — 500 pound gorillas, if you will — forced to repent and retire because of wildly inappropriate conduct.

    SNL did a bizarre skit — did it ever air, or just go out online? — in which occupants of an Empire State Building office deal with a massive cylindrical object that slides in the window.

  3. My first thought was King Kong too, but that hardly resembles any representation of Kong that I have seen.

  4. ” that hardly resembles any representation of Kong that I have seen.”

    Blame the anti-glare coating on the window glass.

  5. The underlying joke is fine if a bit weak, although the not wearing pants undermines and distracts from the stepping down joke. My main problem is that it is framed poorly with a giant gray (? very poor colouring choice) ape glaring at someone who presumably complained. It makes it too personal rather then two people at the water cooler looking at the gorilla climbing off the building across the street trading the rumour that his pantslessness was the downfall of this mighty titan. This, combined with all the other possibilities out there for possible pantsless jokes (cartoons, the artist himself, heck, even the more topical godzilla), makes it feel more like the artist is unsympathetic to the #metoo movement and blames the woman for the fact that giant apes just can’t swat down planes without pants anymore.

    But at least the (mis)quote “it was the women who felled the beast” is still appropriate and probably what the original idea was??

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