1. I would consider a comic strip character to be a particular type of cartoon character. I do associate “cartoon” more with animation, but not exclusively with animation.

    Or it could be a comic strip drawing of an animated cartoon character.

  2. “Comic” is the general term for the things that can show up in the funny papers. “Cartoon” is an alternative term for a single-panel comic.

  3. What Arthur said. A comic strip is a strip of related cartoon panels, and therefore does not include single panel cartoons.
    (Of course, cartoons may feature characters who do not speak, and so too can comic strips.)

  4. And in art-history context there is a use for the term “cartoon” also, meaning something like a sketch or study toward a finished work, at full scale.

  5. “If only there was a language with different words for manga, anime, & hentai”

    You’d need at least a couple of alphabets with thousands of letters, combined, to create such a language.

  6. Did you notice that at the very end of the “Plane Crazy” cartoon it said “A Walt Disney Comic”?

  7. To be technically right*: “cartoon” is an art style. Comic strips and some animation use that art style.

    *”The best kind of right!” -Professor Farnsworth

  8. And no doubt Wayno considers himself a cartoonist, not a “comic strip artist.”

  9. This reminds me of the tribute to Mel Blanc which ran in Variety: a 2-page spread with classic Warner toons with bowed heads and mournful expressions while a spotlight shown on a microphone with no one there. Caption: “Speechless. Mel Blanc, 1908-1989.”

  10. If you are old enough you remember Mr. Mum, Dr. Bill, Henry, Ferd’nand, The Little King…

  11. @Mark in Boston: “If you are old enough you remember Mr. Mum, Dr. Bill, Henry, Ferd’nand, The Little King…” —

    The Lascaux cave paintings. . . .

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