1. I know Junior is supposed to be carrying a mobile phone, but the way Mr. Deering has drawn it makes it look more like a clipboard. Neither of these two possibilities seems to explain why this strip would be funny.

  2. Because snails have trails! Get it?! Snail trails! Historic trails! They’re both trails!

    Oh… it’s not funny?…. oh well… the cartoonist thought thought it was gang busters….

  3. What historical snail event happened along the trail? The “great people die from eating escargo happening” so people will stop eating them?

  4. Perhaps it’s the Great Trail their ancestors moved west on, back in 1849.

    “Slimy lips on the salt line, blowing bubbles with a wail.
    But alas, I was a coward, so I lost my Clemensnail”.

  5. Listen snailscouts to the warning of this dreadful little tale:
    Artificial respiration could have saved my Clemensnail.

  6. Given the burbling and wavy lines of the trail, I think it is supposed to be an actual snail trail.

  7. I think (although it doesn’t really improve anything) this isn’t a historic hiking trail; it’s a historic snail trail. It’s slightly elevated and there’s goops of slime to the side.

  8. ” All snail phones would be mobile phones as they live in mobile homes.”

    There’s kinds of phones that aren’t residential, though. I bet the snail salt mines would have landlines, what with all the employee turnover…

  9. I suppose that if the original snail is no longer traveling on the trail, it is old enough to be historic.

  10. [Scene: Rick Snail’s Cafe in Casablanca. Sam Slug is at the piano.]

    Rick [to Sam]: You played it for her, now you can play it for me.

    [Sam starts playing “As Slime Goes By”]

  11. Slime Bandits
    Once Upon A Slime In The West
    The Slime Machine
    Love In The Slime Of Cholera
    The Slime Traveller’s Wife
    A Slime To Kill

    not forgetting: You’ve Got Snail

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