1. I have heard of various cities that allegedly dyed their respective rivers green in honor of the holiday, but I’ve never actually seen the results (in person), and sort of I doubt that the effect would be all that noticeable, unless the amount of chemicals used was extremely high. Does anyone here have first-hand knowledge to the contrary?
    P.S. Somehow I doubt that this sort of idiocy takes place in Ireland.

  2. Thanks to Andréa for reminding me which city it was. Unfortunately, WCVB is one of those “we can’t honor privacy, so we’ll just shut out the Europeans” companies, but I found another reference with a sick looking picture. Learning that the effect is produced with 40 pounds of a secret chemical cocktail doesn’t reassure me that this is a good idea.

  3. From Wikipedia: ‘The parade committee has since switched to a mix involving forty pounds of powdered vegetable dye. Though the committee closely guards the exact formula, they insist that it has been tested and verified safe for the environment. Furthermore, since the environmental organization Friends of the Chicago River believes the dye is probably not harmful, they do not oppose the practice.’

    Been going on for 50 years. I lived 90 miles north of Chicago; always read about it in the Chicago Tribune, but no way would I ever have gone there on St. Pat’s Holiday Week!

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