1. They’re all amusing, but I love the Barney and Clyde – I know the two idiots, though I haven’t a clue what their names are (one is Ernie? But the other isn’t Bert, I’m pretty sure). Not a strip I follow, mostly because it consists of gags like this. Very meta…

  2. Frank and Ernest are their names. And I agree with you. Loved this comic.

    However, I must confess that the last one is a bit of a CIDU. Is it just that the Green Giant isn’t normally depicted with a weapon, but is instead associated with vegetables and therefore would only turn up with a green bean, or is there more too it?

  3. I sort of expected an “apologies to…” line in the margin, but the publication date (August 2016) makes it seem likely than the Frank & Ernest gag was meant to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Bob Thaves.

  4. Barney and Clyde is a complete and utter CIDU for me. (The Green Giant one was for a minute, because I thought the leafy looking thing on the right was Jack’s beanstalk for some reason.)

  5. @Dysfunctional: It took me a while to parse the joke, but I believe it goes this way:

    Fire made from comic pages “smells funny” is a pun of the same ilk as the old joke about a cannibal eating a clown who says that “it tastes funny” — e.g., comics are “funny” and thus the fire smells that way also.

    This “joke” is so bad that the other character has to doublecheck his script to be sure that’s what the writer really intended for them to do. Appallingly, it seems to be the case.

    But he’s saved when Frank and Earnest, stars of the notoriously unfunny strip that bears their names, show up and point out that there has been a misunderstanding: BARNEY AND CLYDE got a FRANK AND EARNEST strip by mistake, so it’s not a case of B&C writer actually having sunk to such pathetic depths after all. Crisis of faith averted.

  6. “Notoriously unfunny??!!!” Frank and Ernest have been consistent purveyors of pathetic puns since before Pig and Rat were a twinkle in Pastis’ mind’s eye. Harrumph!

  7. Guero – so true ! And a lot less snarky than Rat ! (Some of us need that at the end of a long day.)

  8. Far Side fans will remember (from The Prehistory of The Far Side) how a newspaper switched the captions of The Far Side and Dennis the Menace. A young snake looks sadly at the hamster on his plate and says “It’s a good thing I know how to make peanut butter sandwiches or I would have starved a long time ago.” Meanwhile Dennis and Joey are eating peanut butter sandwiches as Dennis says “Hamsters AGAIN?”

  9. @ MiB – I remember that Larson wrote that a second switch occurred a few weeks later, but I don’t remember the second pair of captions, just that the effect wasn’t as brilliant as in the first exchange.

  10. @Kilby Dennis and family are sitting to dinner and Dennis say to his mother “I see your little petrified head sitting labelled and resting on a shelf somewhere”
    A fortune teller cave woman with a crystal ball tells a caveman “If I get as big as Dad won’t my skin be too tight?”

  11. I’m really beginning to think comics strips denigrating other comics is fairly mean and bad sportsmanship. Even if it is a far better comic denigrating a much disliked worse one. I was slowly leaning that way but I think Lio sealed it for me.

  12. My takeaway is that if the stork was replaced by UPS, people would come home to find their baby hidden under a Welcome mat.

  13. “It’s an affectionate denigration, though.”

    If you say so. It was the “Thank goodness” that jarred me. But I’m willing to believe it was meant in good spirits. I have an issue or two with Barney and Clyde but snideness isn’t one of them.

    I have a fondness for Frank and Ernest too. And “The fire smells funny because I used the comics page to start them” is a funny enough pun; it’s just delivery and pacing where you aren’t expecting that type of humor can go askew.

  14. padraig – No, their babies would have been taken by whoever walked by or would be at a neighbor’s house. UPS does not ring the bell or make any attempt to to hide the item delivered – and often misdelivers the items based on how many items are left in front of our house for neighbors as far as 5 houses away.

  15. The Barney and Clyde reminded me –

    We saw the movie “Stan and Ollie” this weekend about Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in an attempt in 1953 to make another movie by going on tour and giving live performances in the UK and Ireland. Extremely good movie.

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