Out, damned spot!

No, not a curse on the cartoon family dog — that would have taken a capital letter. Just an expression of upset over laundry problems.

At any rate, that seems to be the thematic connection for this synchronicity from Todd Tyler.

Todd also provides this paper scan and says “This synchronicity is made much worse by the location of Doonesbury and FBOFW as they were printed in the Delaware News Journal today.”

(Notice the layout differs between GoComics as above and this paper edition. Must play havoc for those comics that try to use fourth-wall tricks, like people climbing down from one panel to another!)

She didn’t save a place for the dog!

No, we’re not going to call this a synchronicity — there’s nothing surprising about seeing two Thanksgiving cartoons on Thanksgiving. But seeing both taking on the idea of special diets and restrictions is a nice pairing.

(I’m tagging The New Yorker though not sure that’s where the Roz Chast appeared.)

She didn’t save a place for the dog!