She didn’t save a place for the dog!

No, we’re not going to call this a synchronicity — there’s nothing surprising about seeing two Thanksgiving cartoons on Thanksgiving. But seeing both taking on the idea of special diets and restrictions is a nice pairing.

(I’m tagging The New Yorker though not sure that’s where the Roz Chast appeared.)

She didn’t save a place for the dog!


  1. Roz Chast is one of my heroes!

    She does publish outside of the New Yorker, but yes it’s a safe guess.

  2. Due to family logistics, we’ll be having the Extravaganza tomorrow. I think this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent without at least one member of my family, at least as far as I can recall.

  3. @ Brian – Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Germany, so we almost always postpone our (comparatively very minor) family feast until the weekend, but yesterday was an exception (and only nominally related to the supposed 400 year anniversary).

  4. For a couple of decades we had both families for Thanksgiving dinner – starting back in 3 room apartment with 2 folding tables end to end running the entire length of our living room. Why us? Well, Thanksgiving was the only major family holiday that both families wanted us to come to them – Jewish holidays were with my family and Christian holidays were with Robert’s family. We generally ended up with his family on Thanksgiving – one year his sister had gotten married shortly before the holiday and the thought of spending the day with just his parents and grandmother was not that appealing and I suggested we make dinner. Despite his concern at inviting both of his grandmothers (and his aunt) to be in the same room at the same time – my family being the least of our concerns – it worked out well and the tradition continued.

    Then we had bed bugs and since then, other than needed repair work in the house, no one but us is in the house. So I started cooking the full meal for the two of us. No problems until the pandemic. Robert (the better cook) decided to help me last and this year – the meal I used to cook alone with no trouble for 15 people more or less turned into a nightmare both years with timing off and a bigger mess for the two of us than I ever had before.

    This year the place he likes to buy the turkey from only had them in 2 size categories – so as I was standing there saying “per my notes 16 pounds is the right size, 14 pounds is okay” – remember this is for 2 people – he was saying “They only have 12 pound or 20 pound turkeys.” Knowing that if pointed out our pan would probably not hold a 20 turkey there would be a major “discussion” I said nothing as we bought a 20 lb turkey for 2 people. Somehow despite the turkey being larger than the pan and heavy enough to collapse the rack in the pan – it came out fine – and he plans to buy a roasting pan by next Thanksgiving, just in case, so we don’t have to use my brownies pan.


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