1. He’s talking to the calculator. I’m guessing our offender wrote an anatomical term using numerals in place of letters.

  2. I think it’s a lawyer. His client is the calculator. There are some rude words you can type out with numbers on a calculator then flip it around. (5318008 is a hilarious one!) Calculator has taken offence, and is now feeling litigious.

  3. The explanations have it right. I agree that the bookcase suggests it’s a lawyer’s office, not an HR complaint. I think the calculator is pursuing legal action. That’s smart, since HR works for the company and is only interested in protecting the company, not helping the target of abuse.

  4. In the PC age, a variation on this was the development of leet (or 1337), which used letters, numbers and symbols to spell words (right side up) in variant ways, A classic example is in the Megatokyo web comic:

  5. Yes, it really only works with standard “7 segment” LED/LCD display, but that was all that was available for portable machines back then.

  6. Depending on the typeface, you can write “upside down” as “umop episdn” but it can be harder to turn the monitor upside down to read it.

  7. There was, reputedly (urban myth?) a BMW in the UK with the registration plate X351 ARO (which is a valid format of letters and numbers). The owner played a bit fast and loose with the spacing, and had the front plate made up X35 1ARO.

    Now be the driver in front looking at the plate in your rear-view mirror…..

  8. And then there is the very real case of the Florida plate A55 RGY. It was a standard issue plate, not a custom number. Florida plates have a big picture of a Florida orange in the middle, looking like an “O” to complete the phrase. You can look it up.

  9. I once saw NJ plates that read, “GO NADS” — this was in the 80s at the University of Delaware; I guess it was a more innocent time…

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