Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 9th, 2023

Thanks to Steve S. This is paradigmatic LOL+Ewww!

In the U.S., the deadline for filing income tax is rapidly approaching.

Yes, this was another of those blasted .avif’s!

Even worse than the cartoon-biology here, if you ask me, is the crazy personal dynamic.

Thanks to Mark M for suggesting this Far Side. Can we answer his question about what dialogue or caption or drawn element could go where the bystander’s hand is blocking it out, to make this one of the funniest cartoons ever.



  1. The Christ the Redeemer one reminds of “Christ Saves. He uses coupons and shops wisely.” And I love the Tomversation/Tom Falco one because it’s true – we are all content creators. 🙂

  2. Rob S, I also recall “Jesus Saves” being worked into a kind of sports play-by-play call, maybe basketball.

  3. Here in the Frozen North, some used to sing a ditty to the tune of John Brown’s Body (also used for the Battle Hymn of the Republic):

    “Jesus keeps his money in the Bank of Montreal,
    Jesus keeps his money in the Bank of Montreal,
    Jesus keeps his money in the Bank of Montreal,
    Jesus saves, Jesus saves, Jesus saves!”

  4. I remember saying, way back in the mists of time, “Jesus saves . . . Green Stamps.” Now, there’s a geezer alert for y’all.

  5. The Lard’s World Peace Tips reminds me of a Dilbert from about 15 years ago (which I can’t link because Scott Adams apparently went off his meds) in which the character Topper claims that he once passed a kidney stone so large it became a cabinet official, and when someone asks for proof he says ‘Give me ten minutes and then check Wikipedia.’

  6. Jesus saves, but Moses invests.
    And Star Trek fans know that the Speed Bump test for being a robot would not have screened out Data.

  7. For the first time, His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have written to me advising me it is time to consider preparing my tax return, our 2022-23 tax year having ended on the 5th April (see previous discussion about Gregorian and Julian calendars etc, the weird date being bound up in that). As I file online, I have until 31st January 2024 to do it, but they like to remind you early.

    Back when it was Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs I was often a bit slow and usually left it to very late January. I was better last year and did it earlier. The trouble with leaving it to the last minute – on top of extending the existential paperwork dread for many months – is that even the most recent activity is already ten months old and the oldest almost two years.

  8. I did at one time spend some human capital researching the, “why did MySpace shrink and Facebook grow” question. I don’t really remember the answer but it made sense when I read it. I think mostly, “the people running it screwed up” which is the answer to many such questions.

  9. @ Andréa – Back in the days of S&H Green Stamps, we took a camping vacation way up into northern Ontario. I discovered two remarkable characteristics about the Canadian highway system. First, the engineers went to a lot of trouble to keep the roads absolutely straight, even to the extent of dynamiting through impressive rock formations, rather than deviating just a couple of hundred yards to go around them. Second, the road-cleaning crew would also paint over any graffiti they found, using rock-compatible colors, so that the patches were just barely noticeable. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the following anecdote, but someone up there told us that the police once caught a culprit who had made a “Green Stamps” stencil, using the exact same font (and the same yellow spray paint) as the idiot(s) who had been stencilling “Jesus Saves” all over the landscape. Unfortunately, the cleaning crew was very thorough, so we never saw any proof of the tale.

  10. P.S. @ M.A.R.N. – Syndicates have ethics, but the Wayback Machine has a superfluity of disk space. That “Topper” strip was published on 8-May-2009:

    P.P.S. The image URL proves that while GoComics has removed Dilbert web pages, those image assets are still sitting on their servers.

  11. P.P.P.S. I should add that I would never have been able to find that strip without M.A.R.N.’s precise description (and the exact quote). The Wayback Machine replicates content, but not necessarily (search) functionality.

  12. I still use, daily, a set of Paul Revere stainless steel flatware that my mother got with S&H Green Stamps back when I moved into my first apartment in college over 55 years ago.

  13. @ guero – My family has been using Oneida’s “Paul Revere” flatware for longer than I can remember. I received my own 8-place set as a gift even before I moved to Germany (but long after green stamps went out of fashion), and my mom gave me another set to double that about twenty years ago. (My luggage got flagged for hand scanning by airport security: they probably didn’t like the look of that much metal in just one suitcase.) The pattern is elegant, timeless, but nevertheless practical, and vitually indestructible:

  14. One small correction to M.A.R.N.’s description: The title “Topper” is not giving us the name of the character here (nor of Cosmo Topper, from the Thorne Smith novel and the 1950s TV series) But just characterizing him in terms of the practice of conversationally always trying to add an anecdote that “tops” all those that have gone before.

  15. Here’s a possible original caption for that interrupted Far Side:

    It doesn’t matter whether she has lips or not, Sam. If you really love her, then just kiss her.

  16. narmitaj – In the US one has 3 years after the due date of an income tax return to file it late and still get a refund one is due. (Late filed returns which owe money – no matter when one files, one owes the money – plus interest and penalty if filed late.)

    I have a dear friend who I prepare income taxes for (dear enough friend that I don’t charge her). She is always behind. I finally received the info to prepare her 2019 return so it could be filed just before the 3 years ran out. Still have 2020 and 2021 to be done.

    She telephoned on Friday night and asked to file for an extension of time to file her 2022 return. She was leaving the next day for a cruise.

    As always, she says she will send me the missing paperwork to bring all the years up to date – and, as always, I point out that the refunds from the years she has not filed will pay a good amount towards her trips.

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