1. They don’t seem very concerned with daily consistency, but usually they are on board a large spaceship with lots of different facilities, including various research labs and a school for the children of the crew. I think those are who we are seeing in this strip, and the boy is wearing his helmet just to affirm that they are on a spaceship. I think.

  2. I was going to ask if head shops are still a thing, then remembered recently hearing an interview with a drug safety / harm reduction advocate, on the approval of OTC sales of Narcan. He thought that is great in general, but thought some other advocates were off base in celebrating that it might soon be available “in gas stations everywhere”. He said the likely price would be over $20 and gas station items aren’t priced like that. He suggested selling through weed dispensaries and HEAD SHOPS, where they do sell things above that price point and have a clientele that could be interested in harm reduction. So I guess head shops are still around!

  3. The last one–how did the dwarf (can we still call him that?) manage to hit the cashier IN THE EYE? But I guess showing him holding his nuts wouldn’t be appropriate for the comics page!

  4. Garfield didn’t have that eye problem 45 years ago:

    P.S. The early years were great, but the strip really went downhill after Davis redesigned all the characters to be more appropriate for TV animation.

  5. Be fair, it wasn’t a redesign, it was just a gradual evolution — the faces got bigger and bigger. And it wasn’t like he woke up one day and said, “hey, if I sell out my wonderfully pure strip, I can make lots of dough!” He was all about the sell-out from day one.

  6. Yeah, the kid always wears a helmet – like so many other characters in comic strips, it’s part of his image? design? His sister doesn’t, so it’s not anything that actually relates to them being in space.

  7. The problem with the Garfield one is that “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” means that you can’t eat all you take. Drinking a glass of water would exacerbate the problem, not help.

  8. Brian, I puzzled over that as well. But then figured out that you’re supposed to drink the glass of water before ordering, so your empty stomach won’t lead you to over-ordering.

  9. @ Xine Fury – Interesting. That strip proves that Davis had started drawing Garfield with non-feline “Gumby” legs much earlier than I thought (and I’ve just discovered other examples than are even earlier):

  10. The Baldo comic has the occasional pun-based strip. The problem comes about because there is a Spanish version (makes sense) by the same duo. However, Baldo en Español usually just translates the bit, and loses the punniness. Last Friday was one such.

    “Va donde se remolque” translates via Google to “Goes where it is towed”.

  11. @ Brian – I think the Spanish version still works fine as a joke, even without the aural similarity between “towed” and “told”.

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