1. From watching Inside Out’s Bingbong and my limited exposure to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, it seems self-evident that imaginary creatures could have existential crises.

  2. Of course, I had to look up H2NO (yes, I get what they were going for and there is a Patagonia outwear product with a similar name as well as a marketing campaign to sell bottled water). Anyway, the compound is known as Aminooxidanide. There’s not a lot about it, other than in relation to other compounds, and I wasn’t much of chemist so that doesn’t mean a lot to me. Its existence was sufficient for satisfaction.

  3. The artwork makes the steamy romances as well as the dehumidifiers look fogged, like a steamed bathroom mirror.

  4. I suppose Puff the Magic Dragon had an existential crisis when painted wings and giant’s rings made way for other toys.

  5. @ Brian – The space between the “H2” and the “NO” would suggest a mixture of two separate gases (hydrogen and nitric oxide), especially since the compound H2NO is a free radical (found in solution, but not as a separable substance). Either way, it wouldn’t be a good idea to open the boxes.

    P.S. That bottled water campaign was even more noxious than the chemicals mentioned above. It’s not surprising that Coca Cola dismantled it as soon as it was leaked to the public.

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