1. ISTR a ‘Rhymes With Orange’ where the Little Old Lady has moved into a ballet shoe, with her saying ‘Now that the kids are grown, I decided to move into a flat.’

  2. Falco did another one once where the kids are playing in a croc shoe and the old lady says something about how she loves the way the kids love the summer house or something like that and one kid says something like “what a croc!” LOL. I don’t know how to show it here or I would.

  3. @ MARN – I think I remember that strip too, but since RwO is syndicated by King Features, there is no public archive in which it can be found.

  4. I think I found the comic you mean, Lisa, but my attempts to post it apparently were seen as spam.

  5. P.S. @ Lost – My attempt at embedding vanished, too. I suspect that one of our friendly neighborhood editors rescued it from the trash. Falco’s blog is also powered by wordpress, perhaps WP objects to cross-site borrowing.

  6. There was an old lady who lived in a show and had so many children because she didn’t know what not to do.

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