1. I was amused to learn that “221B Baker St. is an authentic reference to the Holmes stories, but also that the address never existed at the time Doyle was writing them.

  2. I’ve been trying to fit something about “a baker’s dozen” into the one about the extra bee; but can’t make anything work. Meanwhile, the Baker Street address was in a different cartoon …

  3. @Mitch4 – the whole notion of “a baker’s dozen” is that the 13th item is essentially a freebie because you pay 12 times the cost of 1.

  4. GiP, thanks for pointing to where you saw something. But I think Kilby already knew what you meant, and just was pointing out that “fulfilment” and “centre” are only typos or misspellings when you go by American usage.

    But of course the joke does turn on that first word, since it stands in opposition to the final remark about the job being unsatisfying — i.e., unfulfilling. (Or unfulfiling??)

  5. English is not my first language but I am more familiar with the british spelling so I didn’t consider those errors. I was referring to the double “the”.

  6. Aha! I never saw that! (Hey, you could have clarified that a little bit earlier. ;-))

    Like the famous old triangle layout printing of

       IN THE

    With the doubled “the” camouflaged by the line break.

  7. As I said, not my first language so, maybe, I read more carefully. The Paris thing never fooled me either.

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