Sunday Funnies – LOLs, January 15th, 2023

Thanks to Boise Ed! Are salads and tights the current faves on the insta?

Not the most sophisticated of jokes, but near irresistible when accompanied by the drawing.

Definitely a geezer if this was your textbook!

Meta text is “Researchers claim to have identified 6 additional elements in the second row, tentatively named pentium through unnilium.”

We most often see PBS in the OYs, but this seems a straight-ahead LOL:


  1. I stopped following Wondermark because the ratio of humor to text length was frequently too low, so it’s nice to see a vetted example show up at CIDU every once in a while.

    P.S. Here’s another take on the “shoes per foot” concept:

    P.P.S. … and speaking of antecedents:

  2. The email one makes me think of a letter to Ann Landers or Dear Abby in which someone wrote that they employed a trick to keep from forgetting email addresses: they kept a notebook by their computer and wrote them down. We were never able to decide whether the columnist published it as a joke, and indeed whether the sender meant it as a joke. Could be both were thinking the other was the idiot…

  3. So which behavior is the guy engaging in at then end when rat tells him to cool it, he’s already won? “Comments on what I’m reading”? Not quite. “Chews loud”? But he’s talking…

  4. Interesting question, larK. What we see him doing is maybe “Talks with food in mouth” but that isn’t on the board. So it might be the related “Chews with mouth open” but (a) Rat already has that one marked, and (b) if he’s talking he isn’t really chewing at the same moment.

  5. @Mitch4, each panel represents more than an instant. You only see “one frame” of the movie, but in between the panels he chewed with his mouth open. And Rat marked it.

    Have you read Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics?

  6. Have you read Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics?

    Can’t say I have. Looks interesting.

    I did see that “chews with mouth open” has been marked, and I agree that Rat was justified in doing so. But since it’s already marked, it won’t serve as the answer to larK’s question.

  7. The twit was merely asking rat to identify the piece of paper that Rat joyfully threw into the air, but Rat informs him that he can’t compete, since Rat already won.

  8. Well, I interpreted it as, “You can stop doing those annoying things now, because I’ve already marked them off.” Sort of a Kilby/Carl Fink combo

  9. You may have heard Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements” but do you know the older version, written by Aristotle?

  10. Re Wondermark – In the world of reenacting and history old documents and especially diaries are a treasure trove of finding about life in the past. (I helped a friend who works at a 18th century house to interpret the sales accounts books of the original owner.) There is a wonderful diary of a midwife which gives loads of information about women (and men) and life in the period (and strangely her name is the same as the maiden name of a friend of ours). There is a great deal of concern about the loss of this source to future generations as “everyone” is using a computer now.

    A couple of decades ago I started keeping a hand written diary (which means they will need a modern rosetta stone to decipher my handwriting- teacher once was sure I would be a doctor based on my scrawl).

    The books are stacked on the top shelf of my closet (only place Robert never goes) and I plan to write a big note and leave it on top of them telling family to donate the books to either the National Archives or the Smithsonian – and if possible to add my computerized appointment books to the donation. My little bit of possible immortality – if they don’t just toss it all out. (And I want my bears to be donated to a library or museum along with all of their buildings, etc. in their village.)

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