Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 4th, 2022

And it does match! But … but … just when did she think that?

This is a semi-cidu: you just have to know the title this is a sequel to.

And nobody had to spell “sommelier”!

We thank Andréa for sending this in. She says “I think it was the surprise ending that got to me.”

Aaron shared this Tom Falco (via the Suggest-a-CIDU form) , noting that it belongs with the coordinated event of over 100 cartoonists making some sort of Peanuts allusion as a tribute for Charles Schulz’s 100th birthday.

The CIDU editorial team noticed one or two of these on the day, and thought of posting a few in a bonus collection-type post; but frankly, didn’t get around to it. Aaron sending this one in reminded us, and it looked like a good idea to post this and one or two others that seemed appealing.

And we invite further of these from readers, in comments to this thread.

[For those who might prefer their Schulz-tributes wholesale, Kevin A in a comment last Thursday reminds us of the tribute event and notes “[…] the Charles M. Schulz Museum page, where all of them appear. ..or DO they? :~) . NOTE: the strips are linked; once you click into one, you can navigate forward and backward through all the strips. (6 x 17 = 102 tribute strips) I REPEAT, the strips are linked; once you click into one, you can navigate forward and backward through all the strips. (6 x 17 = 102 tribute strips)”. ]

This excellent Bizarro by Wayno received special mention in several quarters. His comics partner, and founder of Bizarro, Dan Piraro, discussed it and added his own note on Schulz, at his weekly Bizarro blog. Retired linguistics professor and noted comics-explainer Arnold Zwicky made this panel the center of a blog post, where he calls it “A monumental puzzle in cartoon understanding” — but initially makes it a puzzle by omitting the tribute line along the bottom of the panel.

This Bliss appeared on 03 December, a week late for the Schulz anniversary, if that was the intention. So we are looking for a Gorey-related news prompt for this. Not that Gorey isn’t always worth thinking of!

Any others you found particularly interesting or funny or touching? Please drop into the comments thread!


  1. Powers, I agree. Or at any rate I previously have always assumed it was made from a wooden crate; but now that cardboard has been introduced into the dialogue, which kind is more likely to be around a household? I’m thinking of when a newly-purchased major appliance is delivered — in the 50s it may well have been packed in wood, but not much later there was a switch to heavy-duty cardboard.

  2. It was a little confusing how Curtis handled it. On the date, there was this appearance of Charlie Brown, and the dedication panel:

    Then they started a multi-day sequence in which Curtis is going to receive some peer-tutoring at his teacher’s suggestion. When the tutor appears, it turns out to be Franklin, whom we should recognize from Peanuts:

  3. Thanks, Ooten Aboot. As I said, I’ve always assumed it was wooden, but was looking for whether Wayno’s choice of cardboard was maybe right, or more a matter of generational difference. (Though he’s not that young…)

    Your mention (and link) of orange crates reminds me of Soap Box Derby type competitions!

  4. Seems a real stretch to me that the psychiatrist is supposed to be Schulz — doesn’t look much like him aside from generic details (grey hair, glasses); I guess if it really was meant to be a caricature, it fell really short fort me.

  5. Looking again at the Bliss at the top, the cloud and thought balloon do seem a perfect match as to the outline, but can be seen as different types of thing because the physical cloud has that shading.

    Also the colorist did a good job giving the sky a gradient.

  6. In our local newspaper (Newsday) there are 2 pages of strips in the daily papers. Of these all but 2 had tributes.

  7. I mentioned (in Random Comments) that I thought Tank McNamara did the all-time best-ever tribute strip for Charles Schulz (27-May-2000), but for this new series, I really thought that Mutts was an order of magnitude better than virtually all of the rest of the tributes:

    I like the understated simplicity of the drawing, and I really like the omission of any kind of a sappy birthday card or footnote that would appear to be congratulating a man who has been dead for over 22 years.

  8. While searching through the other tributes, by accident I discovered this “Medium Large” strip:

    Even though it isn’t really a “tribute”, I think it’s much better than most of the strips that were published ten days ago.

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