1. dvandom is correct that inflation is partly blamed on the demand rebound / supply chain disruption due to COVID. There’s also the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Beyond that, the causes of / cures for inflation will get us into political discussions that WE DON’T WANT TO GET INTO HERE (HINT!)

  2. According to the advertising prior to the election, inflation is occurring solely because (redacted) was elected in 2020. At least, that’s what happened in the ads that aired here, presumably, in other areas, where of course (redacted) REALLY won the election, that particular elected office has nothing to do with inflation, and never has.

  3. A ubiquitous, yet relative and vague, adjective lends itself to a variety of target audiences. Great joke. My preference is Pandemic transition to Endemic. “You ain’t going nowhere” Bob Dylan

  4. B.C in its early days was noted for its brilliant political observations (which, however, were not particularly topical or partisan). More recently, however, it is not an especially political strip, so I am doubtful that this is meant to be a political comment.

    The best I can make of it is that the strip is suggesting that inflation, particularly inflation in the price of groceries, is being caused by the severity and length of the Covid pandemic, now going on for almost 3 years – a play on the meaning of “long Covid.” One problem with the strip, if this is indeed the intended meaning, is that almost nobody thinks that is the cause of inflation. Rather, the leading suggested causes are the demand rebound AFTER the worst of the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, and, I’ll just say political causes.

    A second problem with the strip is that it just is not very funny. The only trace of humor is the “long Covid” wordplay, and that is not clever or surprising enough to sustain the strip.

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