1. I take it that the cartoonist is saying that he was caught in a power outage (which may or may not actually have occurred), so is unable to draw a cartoon. He assures us, however, that if we could only see it we would recognize that it is hilarious. It may not in fact be hilarious, but I am willing to give some credit for the premise.

  2. The comic is claiming that it would be hilarious if there hadn’t been a power outage.

    “Why a duck?” you ask… because ducks are inherently funny, just like spleens and weasels. “Ouch, my spleen!” vs “Ouch, my duck!” See?

  3. This is nothing more that a single-panel rendition of “The Noodle Incident” gag used repeatedly by Watterson in Calvin and Hobbes: the author has told us that it was a hilarious scene, and is depending on the reader’s imagination to generate it.

    If Watterson had ever drawn (or even described) what actually “happened” in “The Noodle Incident”, it would have completely deflated the gag.

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