1. Hmm, no, it’s still just a bit beyond my grasp. I can get how thinking about tacos could trigger a psychological heartburn. But what makes it seasonal for Janis?

  2. A local (St. Paul MN) garage that puts up a “funny slogan” on their sign and changes it every couple of months currently offers “Tacos are more important than Pumpkin Spice. There. I said it.” so maybe there’s an underground “tacos for Halloween” movement I’ve not otherwise heard of. But that still doesn’t help with Thanksgiving/Christmas season. (And come to think of it, the garage is now way overdue to put up a new slogan.)

  3. Speaking of monthly “slogans”, the subheading for this site has traditionally been rotated approximately monthly, but always a few days late. (If you don’t know what we mean by “subheading”, look for where “Think positive this YesVember” appears on the main page.) Any suggestions for December?

  4. This strip is not from Friday, the 25, It’s from Saturday, November 26.

    That day happened to be Charles Schulz 100th birthday, and over 100 comic strips paid tribute.

    Readers have tried to make this Arlo & Janis strip out to be a tribute but it is not in the list on the Charles M. Schulz Museum page, where all of them appear. ..or DO they? :~)

    NOTE: the strips are linked; once you click into one, you can navigate forward and backward through all the strips. (6 x 17 = 102 tribute strips)


    I REPEAT, the strips are linked; once you click into one, you can navigate forward and backward through all the strips. (6 x 17 = 102 tribute strips)

  5. Thanks for amplifying, Kevin. (I’m pretty sure Zbicyclist mentioned the date not in relation to the Schulz tribute events, but to note that it was not from a Tuesday, which under some traditions would have made the taco theme relevant.)

    We mulled making some special container post for the tribute comics we saw and particularly liked. But mulled too long, and eventually did nothing special; though readers have been posting some in comments.

    Also one or two have been sent in by readers, as LOL or whatever, and we will either include that in the next Sunday Funnies post and invite comments with other tribute cartoons you like. Or in a special post, though I think better to leave that boat missed and not land in the drink with a mistimed leap.

  6. P.S. Personal message aside — Aaron G, thanks for the Peanuts-tribute Falco you mailed (via web form). My email to you was bounced, however, (as “mailbox not found”) so I’m letting you know here we did receive it and will use as just now described.

  7. I thought “YesVember” was pretty darn cute. Should we only use j, p, g, and q during the month of Descender?

  8. During the month of Descender, you should spend more time talking and interacting with your kids.

  9. Hey Kevin, kudos!, you avoided using any descender letters in those posts!

    (BTW your first query post is also in Pending (moderation) but I don’t think needs releasing. I’ll just trash it if you don’t object.

  10. … and can we fashion a good short message for Descender Month, with the good ideas already contributed? Have a look at the YesVember message in place to get a picture of what lengths would not work.

    Something like “And in the month of Descenders, ???

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