Sentimental journey

A very touching moment; especially since, in the Harry Bliss world, it’s likely that the dog understands this well, and is pleased to have this news shared with him.

So it’s easy to understand: a sentimental interaction. But how do we understand this as a comic? Is there any sort of joke, or comedy, or humor (apart from calling positive toned emotions “a good humor”)? As our category asks, Is that all there is?


  1. I think the date (Nov. 22nd) might be relevant in either of two ways: either it means that this is a Thanksgiving piece, and she’s “coming home for the holiday” (despite whatever might have happened between them in the past), or (depending on what kind of a lead time Bliss has) this might be a Veterans’ Day retrospective, and she’s coming home safe from a tour of duty abroad.

  2. One thing that I like very much about this drawing is the way that Bliss has carefully ordered and executed his outlines, producing a very effective “3-D” appearance for the completed image. I’m not sure how much the coloration factors into this effect.

  3. I agree that the coloring was very well done. Here is the black/white image that went out on his newsletter.

  4. It’s not as pronounced as in the color version, but even the monochrome image incorporates a clear “layering” that contributes to the 3-D effect.

  5. As the posting text asks, is there meant to be a joke here? Or is it pure and simple, a touching moment?

  6. @ Powers – I am more attracted to their first joint book. a compendium of cartoons called “A Wealth of Pigeons“.

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