The final collection of Oopsies, Quickies, We-can-improve-its, Semi-CIDUs, Mysteries, and flops? (14th Series)

Not quite complaining about the friend’s unprompted question — it could happen, though normally you’d expect a context something like “Why won’t you X? What are you afraid of?” The problem, the detail-complaint, is with the form of Pete’s reply-question, which carefully spells out a pronunciation which marks it out as belonging to no actual regional or demographic dialect or slang.

Oops! Got the underlying myth premise precisely backwards!

And here they got the underlying business terms precisely backward. As an excuse for something like a missed payment, someone may plead that their assets are not liquid.

Okay, one joke is that there would be a rap version of a mantra. Or that she has been rapping it, or improvising it, or humming it or something, enough to disturb her friend.

But the bothersome aspect of this is how it seems to buy into some magical thinking. The dark-haired friend is linking her (later) ability to get the good parking space to performing a successful meditation now, undisturbed by intrusive mantra rapping. (Or could it be Nichiren Shōshū chanting?)

This is a perfectly fine little pun! Oh, except that there is no basis shown or hinted for why the new top provides more relief from the heat.


  1. I think the punchline for “In the Bleachers” should be, “I was just standing here!”

  2. Nam myoho renge kyo Nam myoho renge kyo Nam myoho renge kyo Nam myoho renge kyo…
    Wit da NAM, wit da Myoho, gonna renge in ya Kanga, shyo me dat kyo kyo kyo
    Oooo baby, sweetie with a keetie, lemme know lemme know, do you Nam myoho renge kyo?

  3. Brilliant clip, Downpuppy!

    The YouTube uploader went extremely formal putting the clip title as “What have you got?”. What Brando actually says is much more casual, starting with “do” instead of “have”. Then running the words together – but whatever the specific transcription you wanna come up with, it will have ‘d’ in many of the places where the comic strip has ‘t’. Maybe “waddya got?” or “whadaya got?”. And never mind Brando in the 1950s, no American adult in the twentyfirst century would say “What-ta-ya-got?” .

  4. I think some of these comments are a bit harsh. The response in Daddy’s Home was obviously meant to reflect the pronunciation in The Wild One, although a better transcription would have been “Whadda you got?” In Grand Avenue (which oddly is not among the comics listed to the side), the different meaning of “liquid assets” is central to the joke and not in any way a flaw. Similarly, in the Argyle Sweater, the joke is better for the fact that the tank top does not obviously provide more relief from the heat.

    The strip that could most benefit from better writing is also the one that, in my opinion, is the funniest to start with, Reply All. I really like the distracting rap version of a mantra (and it’s only funnier for the fact that the protagonist is very unrapper-like), but how does that keep the friend from getting the good parking space? Is there a better lead-in that would work for this comic?

  5. Usual John, thanks for the reminder to stay on the right side of the line for avoiding meanness or pettiness even when offering criticism. (Also thanks for noting the title and authorship tags missing for the Grand Avenue, which have been corrected.)

  6. In the 1980s I listened to a comedy/quiz show on the radio called Whad’Ya Know?. I had to look it up to verify the spelling, but do remember being struck at the time that they were writing it rather oddly.

    I was astonished just a minute ago when trying to look up that original spelling I got the Wikipedia article for the show and it seemed to be treating it as still a going concern, though now primarily a podcast.

  7. I thought the “good parking space” line meant that she wanted to buzz out of there very soon when she could still have a chance at finding same somewhere where she wants to go next, and did not want to be distracted and encouraged to hang around the yoga studio any longer to achieve rap satori or whatever at the risk of staying too long and losing out on good parking somewhere more important to her.

  8. I saw the tank top comic earlier elsewhere, and thought it was just a fun pun. Whether this particular tank top is actually better than his regular “uniform” is neither here nor there. 🙂

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