Sunday Funnies – LOLs, June 5th, 2022

(The artist seems not to publicize their personal names, and work is just identified as by “Worry Lines”.)

This might be a bit of CIDU for someone who doesn’t know the expression one-man band.

Here’s another LOL that borders on CIDU.


  1. I agree with Carl Fink that the Ballard Street (“Herschel”) is puzzling. The implicature of the way she says this is that he is not a real person – which raises issues of how she must be deluded since she is standing by him in person. So we could go off into tangents about how he might be an android or robot; but there is little basis for taking the cartoon that way.

    But then, there is a different direction to go in … Both of them are fictional characters, existing only in the form of line drawings. So not “a real person”. And her implicature is then actually correct. In this view that includes the meta take.

  2. I read the Herschel as “you never go anywhere, just sit and read the paper or watch tv, and most people think I made you up” in reverse

  3. I know that I should be more charitable, seeing as it was so long ago, but having suffered through all those years of “The Neighborhood”, I would say that the most amazing mystery about “Ballard Street” is why it is still being published at all.

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