1. I guess the “Tomorrow is another day” reference is meant to be either “Gone with the wind” or just the everyday use of the line unattached to an origin.

    But in Chicago there was a news development in the past couple weeks which gives that line a particular relevance. If you recall the Aliotta Haynes & Jeremiah song “Lake Shore Drive” you may join me in misremembering some of the lyrics as “Just slippin on by on LSD, tomorrow is another day” .

    But after a month of delay and debate, a compromise measure was passed to rename Lake Shore Drive! The “hybrid” solution is the name “Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive”. Of course one joking reaction was to ask what that will do to the song…

  2. Thank you, Deety. I think we had already picked up the b/w Bliss from his newsletter and placed it in queue in this post, when your comment appeared. So there didn’t seem to be any reason to pry it loose.

  3. Oh no problem — wasn’t meant as a complaint! Just a verification for anybody scratching their head and wondering “Didn’t we already see this one?”.

  4. I thought the last one would have been fine with just the first panel.

    Mitch4, thanks for the memory of the LSD song. I heard an interview with the singer way back. I believe he said that the song was banned by a lot of stations at first because of the LSD reference.

  5. I thought the last one would have been fine with just the first panel.

    Liz Climo seems to use this format pretty often: two panels vertically, with the top one boxed and bottom one open. It seems to work well for her, but “disrupts” the standard setup/punchline structure enough that it gets reactions like Mark M’s, or the person who commented here on one recently that the second panel was overlooked.

  6. I was going to say I didn’t get the point of the corn on the cob and “tomorrow is another day” one. Then I saw it was “Frog Applause”.

  7. This is the second Liz Climo posted here that I thought was wonderful until I discovered the second panel.
    Every time I go back to look at the first panel, I feel great and I chuckled at least once.

    After writing that, I see Mark M. has made a similar comment.
    Maybe that’s why Liz only boxes the first panel, I wonder if she just needs to hear a few words from an outside voice (or two), to allow her to be comfortable with her genius, and let her readers figure it out.
    (Full discolsure: the only Liz Climo works I’ve read were the 2 that I read here.)

  8. Okay, I’ve gone to the Liz Climo’s tumblr site and enjoyed so many wonderful 2 panel strips that I had to gather all of my self-control to get back to work. (..but not before I also discovered thelittleworldofliz.com.)
    And now I have to ask my neighbor if her black pug is named after Rory Gilmore, or Rory the Dinosaur..

  9. W00zy, I figured that was just there as a basis for them to go off on that LSD song!

  10. Just ran across this, from Pot-Shots. Dated 1981, and the GoComics appearance was today, July 4.

  11. “Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive”

    So, what will the people reporting on traffic call it? That name is probably too long to use.

  12. That seems to be the rationale behind the “compromise” of combining the old and new names: people can call it whichever they prefer. And either half is legitimately “just short for” the whole thing.

  13. As to Cornered – Yes, never accept a 30 day free offer without finding out what happens after the 30 days – my dad taught me that. Robert has added and without finding what information is required and if a credit card is needed.

  14. Meryl, good advice re expiring free offers. An oddity of this Cornered, of course, is the joke or pun on “trial” – this “trial offer” has provided a trial in court!

  15. Reminds me I really need to cancel my Hulu Thanksgiving offer. ($1.99/month with ads…. a rather annoying but acceptable deal. But after six months it converts to their regular price of $6$ month with ads which is a “Are you f@#$ing INSANE!!!– It has ADS and you expect me to pay on top of that????” deal.

  16. I think “Zakim” is an odd enough name that there’s no need to call the bridge “Lenny.”

    Radio traffic reports must be the biggest influence on what landmarks are called. The shorter the better as long as the landmark is uniquely identified. So we have the “Zakim bridge”. Also the “gas tank”, an immense storage container for natural gas. It is very noticeable because it was decorated by Corita Kent, but there’s no need to mention that because it’s the only gas tank you’ll see on your commute.

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