1. I love your title best of all, but within the comic, the Inde-pen-dance Day is good, too.

  2. Our reenactment unit normally does its Independence Day event mid July as in 1776 the Declaration arrived in the township then by horse rider to be read to the public. It was, a riot ensued. We reenact same annually – except 2020/2021. The township has very good records of what occurred which we use for reference. In 2019 we actually had someone arrive on a horse to deliver it for reading. We had hoped/hope he would/will continue to do so – or else someone has to come running out of our headquarters (an 18th weaver’s cottage) yelling that the paper has arrived. The rider went from community to community so all could hear about it. While waiting for it to arrive none of us have any idea what “the document from the Congress” is or says.

    This year we will have a mid July event outside of our headquarters (which is too small to distance in – so only 1 person to use the bathroom at time) but it will be colonial market fair with craft demonstrations. It was decided that with what on this past January the reenactment of a riot was not a good idea. The unit will have an online presentation on what happened what the document arrived.

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