Sunday Funnies – LOLs, June 13th, 2021

Andertoons is a bastion of b/w/grey, small jokes, big funny! A couple of this week’s episodes:

And Jay adds one more for our collection of black and white (and greyscale) LOLs!


  1. What are those non-jumbo creatures? The pun implies shrimp, but shrimp are decapod – ten legged – crustaceans. those seem to be hexapods, insects or their close relatives.

    Yes, I know, but I’m a zoology major.

  2. Just as supposedly some fashion models have had a rib or two removed to be able to fit into some improbable dresses, so these fashionista shrimp have had four legs removed to do so. Or to make it easier for the cartoonist to draw, or something. You decide.

    Anyway, the only other animals often described with the word “jumbo” are elephants, and even if these are not Proper Shrimp, they’re much closer relatives to shrimp than they are to elephants, so I’ll go with that.

    (Other close relatives of Shrimp include Larry, Moe, and Curley. No, wait, that would be “Shemp.”)

  3. Shrug sez: Anyway, the only other animals often described with the word “jumbo” are elephants,

    I was surprised to learn, just a couple years ago, that it is sort of backwards. The word Jumbo became popular as the given name for a particular elephant in the 1880s and after, resident at the London Zoo and then sold to P. T. Barnum for his circus. And after that it became available for use meaning “very big, like Jumbo the elephant himself” or in product size “very big, suitable for use by Jumbo the elephant.)

    Etym Online article.

    Personal note aside, I buy eggs in size Jumbo — when I can find them. Some groceries don’t stock that, some don’t even have Extra Large (which I had the idea was sort of the standard size, but not always) but only Large.

  4. I think Bliss is in color on GoComics, but going with the b/w was a good choice for this one, where the story seems like it belongs in a noir film.

  5. I don’t get the “I Bine my Nung” one.

    Ah, just got it while typing that! I bite my tongue.

  6. A complaint they don’t have the right number of legs, but completely ignores the mirror, the eyelashes, the floating eyes, and the fact they are dressing at all? I don’t understand people sometimes.

  7. Deety, I also see the style cues in the Bliss cartoon, like the shape of the police car which looks maybe 1950s, the speaker’s hat, the bench front seat of the protagonists’ car, etc. And also from the film noir world is the implied backstory about why he can’t be listed as driving. But the companion who is expected to slide over behind the wheel and take the responsibility … turns out to be the familiar Bliss Dog.

  8. Well, a cute dog is a cute dog but… IDU….

    (Is it just that he’s drunk driving and thinks a dog driving would be acceptable to the cops?…. And it has nothing to do with that it looks like a scene from a film noire movie?… And I am distracted in thinking the police, which on closer look are just American patrol men, resemble the gendarmes in “Casablanca”?)


    “I believe that “Jumbo” was originally a racist anti-African slur, as in “mumbo jumbo”.

    Well, originally it was a legitimate Swahili word “jumbe” meaning “chief. And “mumbo jumbo” was originally Mandinkan word “Maamajomboo” (unrelated), a masked dancer in a religious ceremony.

    But then very quickly became a racist slur (in the irrefutable logic that if a foreign language doesn’t sound like english it must sound like nonsense and people must be goofy and backwards to have a language that doesn’t sound like english).

  9. @woozy,
    Actually, the “irrefutable logic” AT LEAST goes back to the ancient Greeks, where, if they outlanders couldn’t speak the Proper Hellenic tongue, but sounded like nonsensical ‘bar bar bar bar”, then they were Barbaros, ‘barbarians’.

  10. TedD, said,

    I don’t understand people sometimes.

    That’s okay, just take them as you find them. We all have…er…quirks.

  11. Not sure about the superlatives comic. It’s funny because there isn’t a single correct answer?

  12. I think the superlatives one is hilarious, not just because all the answers can be correct, but because of the variety of ways the answers, in turn, look correct.

  13. Woozy: “Is it just that he’s drunk driving and thinks a dog driving would be acceptable to the cops?”

    Huh? No, it’s not “just” that. He doesn’t think a dog driving would “be acceptable” to the cops. There’s no beat about anything at all being “acceptable” to the cops. It’s (the story line is) that he for some reason (possibly that he is drunk, or maybe wanted by the police or maybe shouldn’t be seen in that vicinity —whatever, dude) can’t be seen driving or anyway produce his license/ID, so tries to set up THE CLASSIC BIT where a passenger slides over behind the wheel and protects the driver from being “caught” in whatever sense applies. It has to do with him getting away with something because somebody takes his place, not because one driver or another is acceptable.

    AND THEN it’s funny to us because his passenger is a dog, and it is absurd to imagine that the dog could (a) understand and go along with the scheme, and (b) pull it off. And yes (one thing you’re getting right) it is even funnier because the dog is so cute and intelligent looking we almost think it could work! 🙂

    “And it has nothing to do with that it looks like a scene from a film noire movie?”

    Well, that depends on what you mean by “it”. But establishing THE CLASSIC BIT of substituting the passenger in the driver seat wouldn’t even start to make sense without SOME SORT OF SCENE-SETTING, and this old-timey, semi-underworld, maybe private-eye, roadblock inspection scene will do very nicely for setting that up.

  14. Danny Boy… the “just” wasn’t about him being drunk. It was about that joke being that he’s pulling THE CLASSIC BIT with a dog. Of course, I get THE CLASSIC BIT and no the reason for the classic bit isn’t important (but surely being drunk is the most common reason which is why I said it). I was asking “Is that all” in that I got that the joke was pulling THE CLASSIC BIT and it was with a dog but I didn’t feel it was “enough”.

    So I was asking “is this all?” and you seem to have confirmed that… yes, that was all there was all there was to it.

    To quote Stan: “How low should we set the bar before we are allowed to wonder, “Is this really all there is?” I don’t think the readers can be entirely blamed for this.” For me this is a good example of that. He wants to avoid being caught by the police so he want to switch places with his dog…. okay…. but “is this really all there is”.

  15. “Not sure about the superlatives comic. It’s funny because there isn’t a single correct answer?”

    It’s more that the answers are literally superlatives even though they don’t really describe the definition of superlatives (but they are examples).

  16. What this scene reminds me of would be a retro private eye movie from say the 40s (and yes I get it that you all are calling that film noir, that’s fine..). Most commonly the reason for the private dick to want to pull the classic Switcheroo and disappear into the misty night, would be that he has earlier had a run-in with the cops on the case and agreed to make himself scarce. Okeh, these cops on the scene are just the roadblock troops, but the relevant police dicks that he’s skedaddling from are not far away.!

  17. Though in the recent “prestige TV” series The Affair, it was indeed a case of drunk driving (as well as I think driving on a suspended license) that led the (ex-)husband to say he was driving when it was actually the (ex-) wife. A pedestrian was hit and killed (the nasty brother in law of the husband’s lover… oh never mind) so it was serious charges even without the drink driving factor, and the husband went to jail in the wife’s place. This was concealed or obfuscated from the viewers for like two seasons, and the reveal was also a clarification why the wife put up with questionable behavior from the husband after he got out of jail and she was remarried.

    Watch it, and enjoy Ruth Wilson and Dominic West exercising their best American accents.

  18. “Ruth Wilson and Dominic West exercising their best American accents.”

    Of course from The Wire we already knew he could mostly pull it off.

  19. It’s actually kind of impossible to say “I bine my nung” while biting one’s tongue. The “b” in particular is impossible, and the vowels are nearly so.

  20. Right, this transcription is imperfect, at least if they mean continuously biting one’s tongue. But it’s somewhat accurate, and does the job of signifying “distorted pronunciation due to interference with tongue”.

  21. Funny that the American accent of Ruth Wilson should come up, because while watching The Affair, I failed to recognize her, and in trying to place her, I started to notice that her accent was “off” — certainly not Montauk local. My wife then looked her up, but got the wrong actor, and so for a couple episodes I was working under the mistaken belief she was actor so-and-so, native of Texas, and that started bothering me even MORE, because the accent just wasn’t right, to the point I looked it up, and discovered, oh, it’s Ruth Wilson whom I’d seen in Luther, and so it’s a Brit doing a vanilla American, but not flawlessly. Dominick West has a better accent, but apparently only the one, so whether he’s middle class from Jersey or working class Baltimore, you’re gonna get his one American accent…

  22. I also had a distinct impression of Ruth Wilson from Luther, and was a bit surprised how very different she was in The Affair. But that’s good acting!

  23. Mitch4 – and sometimes only medium sized eggs. Our problem is finding eggs in half dozen packages and making sure to freeze the last of the half dozen before they start to float and therefore are no longer good to eat. (This may not apply in Europe as I understand eggs are treated differently here in the US and there.)

  24. Jumbo was an elephant that PT Barnum bought from a Paris Zoo and exhibited.

    On the other hand – Dumbo was a cartoon elephant would could fly when holding a feather. (Robert had to watch the live action version of the movie a couple of months ago for our “Saturday night date night movie”.)

  25. Just for a bit of grammar debate…is ‘amazing’ a superlative? I always thought that superlatives were the pinnacle or nadir of whatever they were describing, but surely there are degrees of amazing. My mother’s apple pie is amazing, but Niagara Falls are more amazing (although don’t tell her I said that).


  26. Stan….

    I could go either way. This seems to be confusing superlatives with… well, I’m not sure what the proper term would be but exclamations of exuberance. Even “you’re the best/worst” isn’t a statement that the person thinks the person is the best/worst but merely that in the moment of exuberance he’s swept up. But then it wouldn’t be funny if it didn’t make the confusion. And it is kind of chuckle worthy.

    If I’m going to be picky, it’s not correct to say ” are: examples of term” It’s okay to say “Fido, Sam and Eli are dogs” or “Dogs are animals like Fido, Sam and Eli” but to say “Dogs are Fido, Sam, and Eli” is …. just weird.

    Still… I’ll allow it because its chuckle worthy. And a funny self-fulfilling oddity.

  27. At the risk of triggering debates about descriptivist dictionaries, I’ll mention without endorsing these entries in the M-W online dictionary:

    (Adj) 2.b. of very high quality : EXCELLENT

    (Noun) 4. an admiring sometimes exaggerated expression especially of praise

  28. I find that eggs keep a long time in the refigerator if I put the carton in a plastic grocery bag and knot it loosely. The problem with the paper egg cartons these days is that the eggs actually dry out.

  29. Brian in STL – I need the eggs to last a L O N G time. In normal times we use eggs twice a year – Passover and Thanksgiving. I had read up on freezing on eggs so I could buy them in November and have the rest of the dozen to use in the spring and then throw out what was still left. (We don’t eat breakfast so other than an occasional dinner this past year and eggs needed in recipes or with mixes we don’t eat them.) Hence the needed freezing of over 4 dozen eggs when Robert ordered 5 dozen eggs (BJs were out of their 3 dozen packages) in May 2020 when we attempted to have food delivered.

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