1. It’s obviously supposed to be “you’re welcome,” but I think there might be some funnier options:

    Perhaps “Your wife is fine” or “Your Womb is Fertile”

  2. I thought the “proper” response to “thx” or “tyvm” was “yvw,” so “yvwif” might have been better, but what do I know?

  3. “Your world in flames!”

    I.e. “The fire next time”?

    Escalated threat level! And they were having such a nice day!

  4. OK, I think I just got it.

    There’s a Goon Show episode with the following:
    Neddie Seagoon: Where’s the stopcock?
    Old Man: I don’t know, cock.

    The second person takes only the first few words of the question as the question, answers that question and parrots the remainder of the words.

    What are you doing out here? I’m reading a book out here.


    Thank God it’s Friday.
    You’re welcome, it’s Friday.

    The Goon Show had a better variation when Neddie attempted to radio to the pilot of the airplane:

    Neddie: Calling B 4. Calling B 4.
    Neddie: Calling B 4. Come in, B 4.
    Neddie: Calling B 4. Come in, B 4.
    Bluebottles: Hello, Captain!
    Neddie: Why didn’t you answer me, B 4?
    Bluebottles: Because I didn’t hear you before.

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