1. Good game, good game.

    A Matter of Life and Death Becomes Her
    Dr Strangelove in the Time of Cholera
    The Shape of Waterworld

  2. The liquid (dutch) courage joke was known to L.F. Baum. In the book when the Wizard gave them the brains, heart and courage, he mixed bran and pins and needles and sewed them into the Scarecrows head; He made a silk heart stuffed with sawdust and soldered it into the Tin Woodsman’s chest. The Cowardly Lion had to drink a bowl of dark brown liquid. When asked afterwards how he felt he said “Full of Courage”.

  3. Part 1 of Crossover Movies was previously commented by zbicyclist, but with Part II in this post I thought it worthwhile to repeat linking the Part I.

  4. Many years ago, the Real Paper, an alternative weekly in Cambridge, MA, hosted a weekly puzzle. In one, a theater manager realized that if he picked his double features right, he could save time on putting up the sign, like “The Princess Bride of Frankenstein.” Or even more time if he showed triple features: “La La Land Before Time Bandits.” Then he realized that he could save even MORE time and space with the knowledge that the true film buffs who came to the theater could figure out all three titles on seeing only the first part of the first and the last part of the third: La La …. Bandits.
    So the puzzle was a bunch of these triple features: Logan’s … Throat. (Logan’s Run, Run Silent Run Deep, Deep Throat.)

  5. Once in a while driving I happen upon an NPR radio program that features word games. The above puzzles would fit in.

  6. According to woozy, “He made a silk heart stuffed with sawdust and soldered it into the Tin Woodsman’s chest”

    If walking through the desert on a horse with no name I’ve learned nothing but Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t, didn’t already have, then at least I know about the tropic of Sir Galahad.

    na naa naa nu nah na na, nuh na naa nah na…!

  7. I once did one of those word games on NPR (the sunday puzzle). How’s this for luck? I only ever sent in one submission in all the years I listened, but I got picked that one time.

    I like puzzles, but doing word puzzles in real-time is flummoxing.

  8. I recently purchased and watched the 4K UHD Blu-ray disc of The Shining with a Dolby Vision enabled 4K player and a DV-enabled TV. Wow! Truly visually spectacular. A great film anyway, but 4K and Dolby Vision really makes it outstanding.

    That is all.

  9. Darren, congratulations! We were recently discussing another CIDUer’s appearance on the “Wait, Wait” comedy-quiz. NPR Sunday puzzle with Will Shortz yesterday had a contestant who was on for the second time, and the discussion about people maybe resenting his luck swerved to cover those, like you, who almost never send in an entry but get selected on a first or early try.

    SingBill, sounds like you lucked into a powerful setup!

  10. Mitch4, they’ll sell that stuff to anyone, really. A decent set with Dolby Vision and a Dolby Vision-enabled 4K player can be had for a couple hundred dollars. I do have a 5.1 soundbar setup as well, which is nice and those aren’t too expensive. For anyone who is a cinephile, it really improves the experience. What I don’t have, and would really like, is a sound setup with Dolby Atmos. Those are rather pricey.

    Also, Jaws 4K disc with Dolby Vision is outstanding as well. And if you haven’t seen that movie in a while, well worth watching again. It really is great.

  11. In my mind, the Shining is the scariest movie ever made. When I was 5, I had a babysitter that decided to rent it and watch it with her boyfriend. I didn’t understand what was going on at all, but it was still terrifying.

  12. Only a few movies gave me much of a scare. The original version of The Haunting was one.

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