1. “Light box” feature seems to be working for last two Gauld cartoons, if you are on tablet or phone. Just click/tap either image.

  2. Yes, the lightbox click works, and then whenever you type the letter “a” in the comment box you get the lightbox effect again.

  3. I liked the first one, but my mind is over-thinking this and I can’t help but come up with other monsters that this comic would have worked just as well with.

    Kong. King Kong.
    Thing. The Thing.
    Clops. Cyclops.
    Aws. Jaws.

    (Ok, maybe not the last one, but it’s my favourite of the alternatives my brain has churned out so far.)

  4. Stan, some of your alternatives are pretty good! But I wanted to mention the fun grinning expression Mr Foot is showing while he works this James Bond meme!

  5. Are we sure the dog won’t whack his owner over the head with the chair in the manner of a pro wrestler? Looks like he’s winding up.

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