1. Well, broadly speaking, the boy’s “too late” could mean either too late in history or too late in his own life course, while the momma’s “earlier” is just a literal idea that if the boy were the type to develop the habit of early rising (again, absolutely literal) he could have become the kind of ambitious, successful, all-American young man she wishes for.

    Why TR in particular I wouldn’t venture, nor whether that is just the boy’s projection of what his momma’s wishes for him amount to or if she previously invoked exactly that comparison and he is ruefully recalling.

  2. Ah, that does clarify it. Francis says “It’s too late for me to be TR”, meaning 150 years too late, but Momma thinks he means too late in the day.

  3. Is the strip “Momma” back? It looks slightly different, as if it’s now drawn by a former assistant or a computer, or something, and the word-balloon font is certainly computer generated. My point being, who wanted “Momma” back?

  4. That MOMMA strip shows a copyright date of 2015, so no, MOMMA the strip is presumably not back (and since we saw the funeral of Momma the character at the end of the strip’s run, I think we can safely say Momma the character is not back either. Of course, if she starts staggering about and muttering “Brains….brains….brains….” we may have to reconsider.

    I don’t miss the strip, though I preferred it to a number of strips that are still running (or still staggering about).

  5. Well, if any cartoonist was going to be raised from the grave, Mell LAZARUS would be a good bet!

  6. TR (his preferred name to be called – not Teddy) died January 6, 1919 – if this had been last year I would say it was a tribute to him. Momma is too young to have grown up with him as president so her comparing son to him based on that cannot be it. Perhaps she wants her son to be a big game hunter or cowboy. – Bully!

    He is our local President around here – his main home being out here on Long Island – and recently had a lot of work done on it – we have not been able to get back to see what they redid yet and plans to do so were delayed further since last March. I made a very nice doll of him (red ribbon at LI Fair) some years ago in his Spanish American War uniform – he carries the map of the battle of San Juan Hill that I made for him.

  7. Meryl, the year I spent in Buffalo ( and ate “hot wings” before they became nationally popular as “Buffalo wings”) I learned that Millard Fillmore was the “local President” in the sense you bring up.

    However, TR also had some history there. He was traveling upstate or in New England at the time of McKinley’s assassination, and stopped at Buffalo on his way when they fetched him back. Word came that McKinley had died, and TR got sworn in at the Buffalo home of a Judge. Which subsequently was made into a sort of history museum surrounding those events. My gf and I were living on sort of the same block as that site.

  8. Unrelated – Mitch4 – there is a TV show out of Canada called Murdoch Mysteries which is filmed in and takes place in Toronto – the time frame for it being the late 1890s/early 1900s. Much of the show is a bit tongue in cheap and items are constantly being invented long ahead of their time (such as a fax machine with a different name). Also a variety of historical people come to Toronto in various episode of the show.

    In one episode Murdoch and his boss are in Buffalo are on case. They arrive late at night and there is nothing to eat in the restaurant they go do. The wife of the owner is about to throw about the unused chicken wings – his boss tells them to cook the wings for them, they add sauce and they invent buffalo wings.

    In another episode it is right after McKinley’s assassination and a (repeating character) of a Canadian government spy shows up as there is concern that some of the assassin’s accomplices may have come to Canada.

    And then again – when Murdoch and his girlfriend marry they go to NYC on their honeymoon. Murdoch stops an assassin from shooting TR.

    Robert thought it was the silliest show he ever saw, but now he is downloading the show on some device or other he bought himself for Christmas and whenever there is nothing on TV to watch – we are watching it. (I normally watch it at 4 am early Sunday morning on Cozi and and then we watch a different episode on the local ABC affiliate station at 2 am on Monday mornings with a reshowing from the day before on Cozi at 4 am on Monday mornings. He has found that on some ION channel has it also and that is what he has been able to record it from.)

  9. Meryl, thanks for explaining something about the Murdoch Mysteries. On streaming services I tend to have something of an “eyes are bigger than your stomach” approach to adding things to a Watchlist, so in a sad way I am familiar with the title and knew that it was a period piece but didn’t know about the anachronism approach. So maybe I will in fact get back to it.

    The idea of secretly having advanced technology in a historical setting reminds me of The Wild Wild West , a 1960s tv series I didn’t see much of at the time but dipped into later. The two lead characters (one of whom is named West, in line with a later dumb tradition) were some sort of undercover Federal agents in post-Civil War western U.S.

  10. Mitch, I remember Wild Wild West and watching it.

    I find the stories interesting even allowing for the silliness and the tongue in check. They also get some celebrities as guest stars on and off – such as the great Canadian actor William Shatner as Mark Twain.

    Robert has been watching on one or another major US networks a show called “Nurses” on Monday nights. I hear a voice and look up or a face catches my attention – apparently there are limited number of actors in Toronto where Nurses is also filmed – last night’s episode had 3 actors who play on and off recurring characters in Murdoch.

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