The Twelve Days – Postscript 3 – icon layouts for all 12

Single image layouts of 12 days

It turns out the twelve days gifts from the song has been a popular motif with artists, decorators, cartoonists, and editorialists to design a layout presenting all twelve days or gifts in a single graphics image (or needlepoint, wallpaper, etc). A couple of these we have been using for “featured image” in posts. But here is a small collection, some very traditional and some sardonic, to stand in for the wide realm of possibility.


  1. The sculpted one with the red numbers is very nice, but for some reason they switched 11 pipers and 12 drummers.

  2. Not only that, but 11 Drummers Boy doesn’t seem to know how to hold the drumsticks. He apparently is going to use them like awls to punch holes in the head.

  3. Parade drums were always tilted — see the painting “Spirit of ’76” for example. When I studied orchestral percussion, the snare drum was on a stand but the teacher would have me tilt it, and he taught me traditional grip. Match grip just doesn’t work well with a tilted drum. It is strange to see someone using traditional grip with a drum that’s not tilted. It’s like watching a bass player hold a French bow with a German grip.

  4. DingDingDing!
    * DingDingDing! *

    Okay! That makes 60,000 comments approved and appearing on this site!

    The one that went over the top was MARK IN BOSTON, comment on The Twelve Days – Postscript 3 – icon layouts for all 12″ about drumstick grips, at 5:00 PM.

    I won’t look them up right now, but CIDU Bill noted the 40,000th and 50,000th, and we thought it appropriate to continue that round-number tradition.

  5. Sure — What you get is those links I didn’t look up earlier.

    The 40,000 mark (achieved by Fluffy Bunny Slippers) was announced by Bill in a separate post, which then generated a thread just about the count, and comments per thread statistics, and Samoa:

    The 50,000 (by Dysfunctional) was mentioned by Bill in a comment within a thread from a post on a different topic (a Saturday Morning LOL as OY):

  6. Year Total posts Total comments Avg comments per post Total likes Avg likes per post Total words Avg words per post
    2018 966 18,539 19.2 1,494 1.5 14,503 15
    2019 1,062 20,537 19.3 1,017 1.0 15,484 15
    2020 1,019 20,528 20.1 601 0.6 23,622 23
    2021 14 349 24.9 12 0.9 3,217 230

  7. The four checkups missed, two cancelled trips are relevant to Hubby and me; his dive trip to St. Eustacia has been moved three times.

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