1. I’m not sure about the “p.i.t.a.” component, but a quick check of the page’s source code confirms that you managed to store the graphic (as “sept04-lio.gif“) on the wordpress server, rather than linking to the original image at GoComics. Well done!
    P.S. The comic itself is an utter mystery to me. I don’t see any obvious explanation why an “Exit” arrow would fall from the sky, and there is nothing in the strips of the previous days that suggests an ongoing story arc. However, a number of elements in this strip (the way the arrow is jammed into the ground, and Liō’s taking cover) remind me (strongly) of Pixar’s charming short film “La Luna“. All he needs to do is tap the arrow with a little hammer. 😉

  2. Kilby, I think you may have been led astray about the problem and solution, by looking at what the filename or address looks like when one of us places one embedded in a comment. In those cases it is indeed an external link to wherever the image lives.

    But the images in the posts themselves have long been simple filenames on this site, meaning as you correctly note (but mistakenly see as an innovation) that Bill has uploaded them and left them stored on Word Press.

  3. @ Mitch4 – That “stored on the server” was not meant to imply an “innovation”, is was simply that Bill indicated that he couldn’t do it with the new interface. I had suggested the other method (modeled on the embedded graphics in comments) as a possible work-around, but am happy to see that it is not needed, since local storage is both simpler and more reliable in the long run.

  4. Mitch, when I click “classic editor,” I just get a message saying “In your dreams, dude.”

    But no matter: I’ll accept a couple of extra steps as long as I can in fact get the job done.

  5. That was the most stressful 15 minutes of the week for me. I’m glad it appears to be resolved, or at least viable. And God bless RSS.

  6. I think Danny might be on the right track. In the previous day’s strip, the object of Liō’s afflictions used a snow shovel to fling his “heart” message back into his face (see below). Perhaps today’s “exit” sign is her subtle way of telling him to “make like a tree” (and “leave”).

  7. Leaving the technical difficulties aside for a minute, can anyone explain the joke?

    This is a CIDU, right? It doesn’t have the tag.

  8. It doesn’t seem hard to me. In the block editor, if you want the image at the top of the new post, just click where it says, “Start writing or type / to choose a block.” A plus sign will come up on the right. Click on the plus sign, and it will bring up a menu where one of the options is “Image.” Click on that option, and it will bring up box that says, “Upload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.” There will be three buttons: “Upload,” “Select Image,” and “Insert from URL.” Just pick the one you want, and you’re on your way. I’d expect you’d use the Upload button most of the time.

    If you’ve already added text to the block, a set of controls should pop up whenever you click in the block. If you click on the 6th one, a downward pointing carat-like thing, If you click on that, it will bring up a menu where one of the choices is “Inline image.” If you select that, it will take you to your library of images, where you can either select one, or upload a new one.

    Please let me know whether this helps.

  9. Sorry. The comic itself is for me a true CIDU. But the overwhelming majority of the comments were CIDUs of a different order or CIDUAAs (Comments I Didn’t Underdstand At All). And worst of all, with perhaps one exception, it seems that none of the comments attempted to ECUIDA, Explain the Comic I Didn’t Understand

  10. @ Pete – This was Bill’s first attempt to get an image past the new WP interface. Getting tags applied is a separate problem. It’s definitely a CEDU (“comic everybody doesn’t understand”), the commentators over at GoComics are just as mystified.

  11. The comic itself is for me a true CIDU.

    It’s a running joke in Lio that his “hearts” he feels for his unrequited crush (Eva Rose) are physical objects that she destroys in some fashion. In this case, swatted one back with a show shovel.

  12. Most ominous is not the arrow itself but what will follow : some monster from beyond, taking this exit out of its inimaginable abode.

  13. Zeus has run out of lightning bolts; he’s replacing them with Olympe’s exit signs, which are also pointy.

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