1. You’ve seen comics where a character from a different strip shows up and wonders where familiar things are. In this case, the Monopoly dog showed up in a different game, and is asking for a familiar location.

  2. 1st comic – the dog just wandered off the monopoly board and is looking for directions back. It’s kind of a “breaking the fourth wall” situation.

  3. The Zits comic is particularly amusing as that is the exact reaction the inventor of the Landlord’s game, Monopoly’s predecessor, was going for when she invented the game.

  4. It seems unfair (and a little rude) that Jeremy’s dad is allowed to use a word that is “verboten” for us to mention.

  5. What IDU is what part of the first comic makes it a CIDU. At first I thought Bill might not recognize the Monopoly token, but he correctly paired it with another Monopoly strip. So what’s confusing?

  6. It was a CIDU for me for about a split second, because the horse was asking rather than the dog. Then I realized that the dog had already asked the knight, and now the knight was asking everyone else on behalf of the dog. Maybe Bill would have gotten there faster if it had just shown the dog asking for directions?

  7. The explanation given is the correct one, to be sure, but I missed the intended joke.

    I hadn’t realized the dog asked the knight who is now asking other pieces. I thought it was a multi-universe joke where a chess game, Wizard of Oz and monopoly were crossing 4th wall lines. I thought the dog from Wizard of Oz belonged to the knight, who is taking it on a walk and trying to find a park, namely park place.

  8. “It’s kind of a “breaking the fourth wall” situation.”

    How so? Game pieces in comic strips are all to recognize they are game pieces … which they don’t actually do here.

    “there is Mister Monopoly looking for the dog.”

    Why do people call Uncle Pennybags “Mr. Monopoly”?

  9. @ Grawlix – It’s not just “don’t remember it”, it’s more like “never heard of either one”, but when I looked it up, I discovered that “In 1999, Rich Uncle Pennybags was renamed Mr. Monopoly.
    P.S. As far as I can recall, neither name appeared on any of the Monopoly sets that I’ve ever played with. The character originally did not have a name at all, the “Pennybags” name was first applied ten years later, for a different game.

  10. “In 1999, Rich Uncle Pennybags was renamed Mr. Monopoly.”

    I did not know that. I often wondered how these decisions are made officially.

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