1. The dough boy / dough dog gag was conceived by a dough nut.

    I’ll show myself out.

  2. “I’ll show myself out.”

    Any relation to the comet that got kicked out of the inner solar system and showed itself Oort?

  3. @ Chak – “His crust is as the crust of ten…
    Because his heart is pure… (bred).

    P.S. @ Brian – That imposed logo is one of the many reasons that I really hate Pinterest.

  4. Kilby, my browser showed absolutely nothing after Brian’s “That brings to mind:”. With some digging at the source of this page and the Pinterest page, I find, with no logo, this:

  5. Thanks, Arthur. I still see the image in Brian’s comment, but the superimposed “P” logo with the menu option(*) attached turns out to be a script-driven additive, and not a permanent part of the image, as it appeared to be earlier. (It covered up the dialogue, of course, hence my annoyance). Whether or not either appears seems to be focus and/or browser-dependent. I couldn’t get it to go away before, but now I can.
    P.S. I should have suspected some sort of programming antics simply because the Pinterest option read “Merken” (meaning “remember”, but in German, not in English).

  6. Yeah, I should have paid a bit more attention and drilled down for the underlying image (or and alternate one). You can’t edit of course, and I thought about making a second post but decided to let it go as is.

  7. Or, to be slightly more accurate, Casper was from Famous Studios (Paramount), later acquired by Harvey.

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