1. I know that this is not the right answer, but my very first impression was “The Mustache of Dorian Gray”.

  2. I gather he’s confused because he doesn’t realize he’s looking out a window.

    Odd place to put a window.

  3. He dreams of growing a mighty mustache, but has to shave everyday to fit in to a suffocating society? (And dreams of being dark haired and balding too? I’m really stretching for it today…)

  4. Perhaps some young scamp of a child or an April-fooling partner has replaced the mirror with a picture, but the shaver is too hungover or drunk to fully get this.

    If the reflection was of the same man (same shirt, hair etc) but with simply a large moustache, then maybe it might reference some issue like shaving being more work than it appears or that his razor is blunt. But the artist has definitely made sure that the two heads and the shirt are very different, not to mention that the reflection isn’t shaving.

  5. He happens to have stuck up an autographed picture of Hoff, right on his mirror.

    No, ‘cos then he wouldn’t look so surprised. Well, his wife is a big Hoff fan, sent for an autographed picture, and just today has stuck it up on the mirror.

  6. A quick image search reveals that Syd Hoff resembled the man shaving, not the one in the mirror. I’m not sure if that makes this any easier to understand.

  7. I think KenK has it. I imagine this was an image for the cover of a collection of cartoons and not meant to be a stand in for an actual cartoon itself. You know, the self portrait of the cartoonist being overrun and hassled by his creations.

  8. Time I shaved. I haven’t since late March, and I haven’t had a haircut since November (I was due one in March, but covid came along). I currently have the longest hair (down over my ears) that I have had since about 1977 I think.

  9. I finally got sick of the way my husband’s hair was looking, so I bought a haircut kit and cut it myself yesterday. It’s just a burr, the easiest thing to do using the shaver and attachments. I have no talent for cutting hair, but it looks a whole lot better than it did. Since we don’t go anywhere, he doesn’t care what it looks like. Makes me wonder how many men now have burrs who didn’t before.

  10. Looks like a promo frame for the Tuffy comic collections. Tuffy’s pop is looking back from the mirror.

  11. As I stopped being a productive member of society in 2018, not much has changed in the shaving situation. I have been doing twice a week for a long time, then only change at that time was Monday and Friday instead of Monday and Thursday. My hair had grown fairly long, but when restrictions were lifted I got a cut in June. Their new pay system caused me to substantially over tip, but the stylist was so happy I couldn’t ask for a redo.

  12. Brian in STL: Even if the stylist hadn’t been particularly happy, I can’t imagine saying “Whoops, that tip was too high, can I redo it?” Unless the tip had a few extra zeroes, or something.

  13. Probably so, although if she hadn’t been appreciative of that I’d have been surprised. They’re usually quite happy with $3-$4 tips.

  14. Haven’t been shaved by a barber in at least thirty years. When my hair gets a bit overlong, my wife whacks it off. (or somethigmes I do.) But I do have to trim my muttonchops every three or four weeks.

    Retired for several years, so no styling has to be “perfect” — not that it ever did. (Academia, and I was an accepted weirdo even within that group. Tennis shoes? Why not, eh?)

  15. I’ve never been shaved by anyone else (and not even by me since 1972). As for tipping, I don’t mind overtipping those who have been affected by all this. We’ve even gone out to eat more often since March, to support our favorite local restauranteurs.

    Bookworm: Burrs are one thing, but I’m really sick and tired of the skinhead look that Hollywood seems to love these days. Not to mention the grubby three-day-beard-with-suit look. /rant off

  16. I’ve had a brush cut for years – well, rather, I trim my hair to about an inch (at which point it stands up of itself), then depending on the weather don’t cut it for a month or several months. In winter it gets down to touching my ears (about halfway through that, it stops standing up and I have to brush it down and part it) with curls/waves, and then I buzz it off again; in summer I keep it standing-short, for coolness and ease of care. So the shutdown made absolutely no difference to my hair.

  17. Definitely off-topic here: I remember as a kid seeing those Right Guard commercials and being perplexed by a shared medicine cabinet like that. Under what circumstances would a medicine cabinet be accessible from both sides? Are these men neighbors in a duplex or apartment complex? Hotel rooms? Roommates in the weirdest house ever?

    And what about privacy? Does Right Guard person spy on Mona or Guy when they’re pooping or in the shower?

    Has anyone ever seen a set up like this? So many questions. So. Many. Questions.

  18. I haven’t seen a medicine cabinet quite that odd.

    But when I was young there was an odd feature in medicine cabinets in many houses built in the same way my family’s first Miami house was, called then CBS construction, for “concrete block w stucco”.

    If you know about the time when razor blades, not fully formed razors with handle and blades, were the part you bought, installed, and replaced periodically. .. Where does a used, bare, still dangerously sharp, double edge blade go when you want to get rid of it? NOT just in the little bathroom wastebasket where it can still hurt somebody. But thru a narrow slot in the back of the medicine cabinet.

    And where does that lead? In the CBS homes I am recalling, it went into an empty space created by the stacking of the gap areas in the hollow shaped concrete blocks.

  19. When I was a kid we lived in an old house, built around 1910, that had a slot in the back of the medicine cabinet for razor blades. My dad used it, until one day he went down to the basement and found a little pile of razor blades on the floor.

  20. Interestingly, that character in the mirror does show up in another Hoff cartoon, pretty much the same expression, but with other characters.

  21. Ah, I’d forgotten about razor blade slots! I had a rental house once with one of those in the medicine cabinet. I always assumed that there was a receptacle built into the medicine cabinet before I realized the blades were just meant to accumulate behind the drywall.

  22. We had razor blades slots in 2 medicine cabinets at my parents’ house.

    I have long straight hair. Before I was married – 41 year ago – my dad would cut my hair for me. Just needed to cut the bottom of the hair shorter evenly. He continued to do so when we worked together. After he died, I tried to convince Robert he could cut my hair – he was worried one side would be longer then the other – I told him to put a piece of tape across and cut the tape off – it would even. Then I reached a point where I started putting my hair with a plastic clip. So now when my hair gets too long I put it in a pony tail, throw the pony tail over my head to the front and snip. If not even it does not matter as it is only down when going to sleep. (When going to reenactments I use a flat dark color metal barrette instead to put my hair up – hides easier under my cap.)

    Robert started wearing his hair long a couple of decades ago – longer when we started doing reenacting. The front and sides he kept shorter so they would not notice the back as much at work. (No longer matters as he works from home now for himself.) He cuts the sides in the front. Back he wears in a “queue” – pony tail. When it is too long, I cut off the excess for him.

    So dealing with hair these days, same as it was before.

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