1. Is the synchronicity based around the word “heave”? Otherwise, I’m not seeing it. Sophie is about to lose her lunch from motion sickness. Bucky has offered up his lunch in the more traditional manner. The jokes are sort of at the opposite ends of the spectrum, so to speak. Definitely a ewwww, though.

  2. The Get Fuzzy is confusing. I guess the ‘box’ refers to the kitty litter box, but boxes don’t vomit. I thought maybe another bodily function was being referenced, but ‘a-heavin’ doesn’t jive with that.

  3. I assume Bucky is offering a variant of “If this van is a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking” — e.g., he wants to be alone for an imminent and intimate appointment, in this case with the litter box.

    Not sure how that translates into what/why he’s telling Poncho though (does the dog have a habit of using the litter box for when he needs to vomit? seems unlikely.) Is he just telling Poncho to stay away? (But Poncho, usually happy to follow orders, immediately follows him offpanel.)

    I got essentially nuthin.’

  4. The cat is using the litter box for the intended purpose… and that purpose can sometimes stink. The dog smells it, and is disgusted by it. Translating, the cat is saying if he is in the box, it is best not to be breathing in the general area because it will stink. The dog leaves the general area.

  5. The both feature dogs. And thy both feature dogs having unpleasant reactions. But other than that not much. The dog in the first one has motion sickness. The dog in the second one think the cat’s poop stinks (and cat’s poop *really* does stink).

  6. I’m sure TedD has it. My misinterpretation arose from assuming that Bucky was heading toward his box, rather than away from it (having just used it). Thanks.

  7. guero is correct of course; my brainfart mixed up the names of Satchel from GET FUZZY with Poncho from POOCH CAFE (and I’m sure both would be justified in being horrified at that, though Satchel would be too polite to bite me for it). Thanks for the correction.

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