1. So they’re going to be better friends as almost-step-siblings? But can we trust it will not turn romantic? Shudder.

  2. It is because earlier in the plotline she found the picture and thought his mom was pregnant now, with her father. It turns out she simply found an old sonogram.

  3. Didn’t Ann confirm it?

    Of course that could have been a con, but didn’t her father confirm it as well?

  4. Ann did confirm it, almost certainly as part of a con to get Tiffany’s father to marry her. Tiff’s father didn’t confirm it, he just got excited about the news.

  5. “It is because earlier in the plotline she found the picture and thought his mom was pregnant now, with her father”

    Wow. Time travel.

    That make Les her uncle.

  6. Lying to Tiffany’s father would be low even for her.

    It’s really hard to believe Evens is still writing the strip, since the infusion of so many unpleasant characters — and the original characters becoming a lot less likeable — reeks of a new writer having come aboard.

  7. Evans’ daughter came onboard as a co-writer about the time Luann graduated high school and moved onto college, which coincided with the introduction of many new college students.

  8. I don’t know what caused her expression, but it wasn’t mistaken anatomy. Given the resolution on old ultrasound pictures, the “dimension” that Bill is implying would be just a few millimeters.
    P.S. Spelling “booties” with a double “E” makes it look like it refers to a pair of shirts worn on Halloween.

  9. Since they graduated high school, the characters have become more nuanced. Bernice is more than just a straight person. Tiffany is a much more complex character. Brad’s no longer a bozo. I read both the old strips and the current ones at GoComics and like both.

    I think having the characters change locale helps avoid self-plagarism.

  10. I think it’s just that a fetus isn’t posing for a picture in an ultrasound, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about the dorky thing of waving at the camera when someone is taking your picture. So it’s a little weird to make that jump — that this is a terrible photo of you, and you should have posed better to get a better image of yourself.

  11. @ Bill – Visible, yes, but normally not easily so, especially with older models, in which the image resolution looks like patterns of old style TV “snow”. Doctors know what they are looking for, and have an easier time identifying things than patients.
    P.S. During my wife’s first pregnacy, her OB/Gyn sent us to a pediatric cardiologist, who had an elaborate, extremely modern, 3-D + doppler sonogram system. Besides that, there was a visiting sales rep. who wanted to demonstrate a brand new type of sensor wand, so my wife was offered the chance to be “guinea pig” for a technical comparison. The images were amazing (much better than the system our regular doctor had), and made it very easy (even for me) to see that the baby was going to be a boy.

  12. Kilby, our first ultrasound was back in 1988 and in all three, the “wave” was evident enough.

    The third time around, we told the nurse ahead of time we didn’t want to know the baby’s gender. When the ultrasound was on the screen, she said “Okay, if you don’t want to know the gender, you really better not look at the screen.”

  13. Ann has been a mustache-twirling (figuratively speaking) villain for decades, somehow getting hired to positions where she supervised — badly and sometimes creepily — Luann and friends. Now she’s effectively Tiffany’s manager. Forcing Tiffany to deal with the fact that Ann might be good for her father was more interesting than the con game twist now unfolding.

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