1. Snakes can’t smell. They flick their tongues to taste scent.

    So if a snake gave up smoking they could smell and hunting would be easy.

  2. Hmm, yeah, seems like any animal that uses scent to track prey would be better off quitting smoking. The peculiarity of snakes sensing thru tongues doesn’t add anything , that I can see.

  3. I don’t know if he started it, but Jim Carrey was the first I saw/heard using “SSSmokin’!” as an adjective meaning “hot stuff!” Garfield here reminded me of that.

  4. Reason #2: Smoking means closing your mouth around a cigarette/cigar/pipe, thus making the tongue unavailable for scenting.

  5. My interpretation has nothing to do with the sense of smell. The snake has a lot more energy since he quit smoking.

  6. @Kilby: I thought for sure if you were going to dig up a 40-year-old Garfield cartoon about him smoking you would pick this one:

  7. Carl Fink: >Yes, I’m being pedantic. I’m a biology teacher.

    And right you should be.

    1) I should know better to repeat oversimplified trivia of my childhood as though it were absolute. I usually do know better than that.

    2) Mitch4’s eloquent comment that *any* scent tracing predator would do better if they quit smoking made me realize the factoid of snakes not having sense of smell isn’t particularly relevant.

  8. Smoking impedes smell and taste. So particularly advantageous for a snake to stop, since it uses a tongue to smell and taste, as well as nose. Smoking is quite a bad habit, no matter how much fun.

  9. But snakes don’t hear well, at least in the typical sense, as they don’t have external ear openings or eardrums. Their hearing is mostly used for detecting ground vibrations, although there is some evidence that airborne sounds can be detected to a certain extent.

  10. https://www.thefarside.com for today (7/7/20) has smoking as the reason dinosaurs went extinct. Unfortunately, the site is set up so I can’t copy it, and doing a screenshot to include here seems unethical to me (if you all think it isn’t, let me know and I’ll gladly do that and post it).

  11. @ Andréa – Here’s Larson’s original (monochrome) drawing (not from his website, of course):

  12. Yeah, I think it’s mostly just the absurdist / violent / turnaround that is funny. Though I kept trying, and failing, to see a syntactic-ambiguity-pun (headline style) akin to “MAN EATING SHARK”.

  13. I don’t know about bears eating Cub Scouts, but one kid I knew claimed he got kicked out of the Cub Scouts for eating Brownies.

  14. Anything like the guy who got kicked out of university where he majored in Animal Husbandry, when one day they caught him at it?

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