Despertar a la década de 1980


This video has it all! Earworm music, familiar tune, in Spanish so the earworm is especially haranguing, great beat, semi-synchronized young people dancing, big teeth, big hair – Long Live the Eighties!

The title “Ahora te puedes marchar” means “Now you can leave.” Geezers (like me) will recognize the music from Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want to Be with You.” The theme of the lyrics in this video are the opposite of Dusty’s original.

CIDU Bill: When Steve sent me this, I remembered I had this on my hard drive:


  1. I’m more familiar with Samantha Fox’s version.
    In French, look for Richard Anthony’s ‘A présent tu peux t’en aller’, his accent is better.

  2. So, both the Spanish and French versions are “you lied and cheated so go away,” and the English versions are all “I’m obsessed with you and love you.”

    I don’t know that it means anything, but it’s interesting to me.

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