1. Whereas the first name suggests someone who will murder her husband. After her husband murders their daughter.

  2. Um… but if someone was named Clytemnestra McSillyface it *wouldn’t* be okay to make fun of the name. The weirdness of the name won’t be what validates making fun of it.

  3. “Don’t make fun of somebody’s name. Unless they’re a damn foreigner. Those people have stupid names.”

    And if your parents have named you “Yoda Eagle [surname omitted]”, blame them.

  4. Lots of parents of toddlers are regretting naming thier daughter Daenerys.

  5. And then there’s Elon Musk and “Grimes” (indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/elon-musk-pronounce-sons-name-6403003/)

  6. Those who know Henry James’s “What Maisie Knew”, about a child of divorce pulled apart by horrible parents and their new partners, may raise their brows when hearing that was the name given to the daughter of a professor in the English department one of whose specializations was James.

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