1. Yes, Frazz is mocking her, but as a sort of metaphor for a large chunk of the public, who clearly don’t want to think.

  2. I feel kin guilty that I put off getting into viewing that I may well enjoy (especially if I liked previous seasons) but so much resent the reputation / hype / expectations that I feel ashamed my appreciation may not live up to what it’s SUPPOSED to be.

    How long can I go on not noticing that season 2 of “My Brilliant Friend” is sitting there? Is it all right if I just like it? Do I have to love it?

    Since I gave up on Season 2 of Westworld after one and a half episodes, a year or more ago, can I please not think about how Season 3 is now out and promo’ed all over the place? And what makes it worse are the reviews that acknowledge Season 2 was an unfathomable mess but assert the new one will be much easier! Well, can I restart there?

    I just started “Expanse”, with of course Season 1, and it’s pretty good, but now there are critics excited about the new Season 4, and describe plots and characters that I know nothing about. Geeze, do I have to do all that work? And care about the people in the early parts of the first season, when I know they will disappear from other viewers’ interests entirely?

  3. I think Ms. Olsen is making a joke, but one that a lot of people can empathize with – when you are exhausted and overwhelmed you want to just turn on the TV and see something you like without searching/scrolling through Netflix and deciding.

  4. Sometimes I think viewers are overcomplicating their TV watching. They fret over showrunners, writers, plot arcs, and whether the current season holds up against decades of previous seasons. Back in my day we just enjoyed the few network channels we had and patiently waited a week for the next episode and didn’t even know or care who their writers or directors were. Sometimes it’s just nice to not to have to think too much to enjoy a series.

  5. Cripes! Frazz really is a smug condescending know-it-all with a chip on his shoulder who has to one-up every conversation no matter how minor, isn’t he? Sheesh, see a shrink or confront your problems directly. It’s not Mrs. Olson’s fault your parents never expressed their love in a way you’d recognize.

  6. In addition to the similarity of the topics, I enjoyed the similar coloration of the two strips.

  7. Yes, Frazz is just indulging is some gratuitous Mrs. Olsen mockery. Because the woman said she’d had a rough time of it lately, and used a metaphor.

    Goodness, Frazz is a jerk.

  8. “Peak TV” often is overwrought with plotting and strict continuity. See, for example, the latest Star Trek series compared to, say, Deep Space Nine. The latter had ongoing plot threads, and there was one overarching background plot to each season, but there wasn’t a single all-encompassing story that required you to see every episode — or to remember minor details from Episode 1 to make sense of Episode 13.

  9. You can pretty much do either of Frazz’s proposals these days, much of it requiring paid services but some of it even free if you have an antenna and internet access. You can watch an absurdly enormous amount of rerun television on demand and you can watch what the reruns that television gives you live. There is even a channel that seems to play nothing but reruns of Forensic Files, and it is often on in the bedroom at night because for some reason watching stories of how a murderer murdered helps my wife go to sleep…

    This is yet another strip that reinforces my belief that Stephen Pastis is way too nice to Jef the Cyclist.

  10. Er, life is going into reruns. I’m in my 5th week of being in the same place every day. Oh, wait, that’s “Groundhog Day”. 😆 (I did rewatch “JAWS”, though, thanks to all the mayor memes.)

  11. Powers has a good point (“single all-encompassing story that required you to see every episode — or to remember minor details from Episode 1 to make sense of Episode 13”). As my wife and I watch Better Call Saul, she’s comparing the fate of this or that character to Breaking Bad. ( BCS is a prequel series to BB, of which she (not I) was a huge fan.)

  12. Powers – Apparently, according to Wil Wheaton, there was a storyline across the Star Next Generation which started in the first episode and went through to the last – from the beginning Wesley was going to leave with the Q.

  13. I will put on original Law and order when I don’t want to look for what to watch. It is a comfortable show to have on while I am online or working, etc. When it ran late night in reruns it was even good for falling asleep to.

    If I spend all my time looking for what to watch – I get nothing done and do not watch anything other than seconds long pieces of shows before I go on to the next channel – and I am too lazy to pull a DVD and watch it most times.

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