1. Not just last month, but the previous election.The Democrats changed their rules to reduce the influence of the superdelegates, and I haven’t seen a single reference to them in this year’s election reporting. On the other hand, I am comfortably sheltered by an ocean and six time zones, so maybe I missed it.

  2. Kilby — you obviously don’t have any extremely vehement Bernie supporters in your social media sphere. It’s definitely been a topic of discussion-to-rant among many people I read.

  3. The superdelegates were still quite relevant last month. Under the new rules, they don’t get a vote on the first ballot, so if a candidate comes in with a majority among pledged delegates, the convention is a formality. It’s only on the second ballot, after no majority is obtained, that the superdelegates get to vote.

  4. Brian, presumably he drew it well after the New Hampshire primary.

    This just adds to the IDU, because had could have scheduled this to run at any time, including during the convention.

  5. A sensible solution would have been to leave off the name of the state entirely, and just call it “polling station”. An even more sensible solution would be to stop expecting rational logic in this feature.

  6. /rant The superdelegates are just a mechanism for the Democratic Party elite to keep a say in things. Four years ago, they had Debbie Wasserman Schultz to maneuver things in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders. This year, they maneuvered the debate criteria to skew the process. I naively used to think the party apparat were there to fight against the OTHER parties, not to “guide” the nomination. /rant off

  7. Mitch4 (10:18 AM): Would there be Lyft-candidates, too, perhaps to elevate the discussions?

  8. /rant – Clinton won a majority of pledged delegates even without superdelegates counted, and the DNC has every right to favor Democrats over non-Democrats in determining who gets assistance from the party.

  9. The day after Super Tuesday, it looked as if Sanders was going to win a large plurality of delegates among, but was less probable to get over half in the first round. So the “Superdelegates” in the second round were viewed as the party Establishment’s not-so-secret weapon for nominating one of their own instead.

  10. Seeing only the Hampshire and primary – I at first thought it a primary school – being a bit long after the primary.

    Super delegates are sort of like the electoral college – “We can’t rely on regular people to make the decision – we have to have some control over it.”

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