Santa and the Enormous Breast [Crimeweek, OT-ish]

Okay, so…

A question came up which is both comics-related and politics-related. Politics are banned here — but earlier this year I was thinking about resurrecting my Crimeweek site, and even put together a preliminary version of it, so I thought I’d try throwing the question over there to keep it separate from CIDU.

Which of course had been one of the functions of the Crimeweek page in years past.

Anyway, that’s the Santa part.

I noticed I also had a partly-written “first entry” there, so I turned the notes into something coherent and left that in place as well. For those of you not interested in Santa.

I have no idea whether I’ll keep the Crimeweek site going: if I do, it will share some content with the Facebook CJA/Crimeweek group, but also contain the occasional longer article.

Or not. Who knows? The beginning of the year is a time to try new things, and in 2019 I won’t be spending all my free time resurrecting the CIDU site.

(Of course that’s what I thought about 2018)

The new Crimeweek site, which will probably take the old address if it stays around, is currently at