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  • I’m almost certain I’ve left something out here.

DeathMatch! Update (With bonus CIDU)

Didn’t take long to get started: Saturday, Nathan sent me this Mr. Lovenstein strip (which seems to be designed to make copying the comic impossible; if this becomes a trend, we might be out of business).

So Death drew first blood.

And then Sunday:


Clown Cars would have been on the board if we saw through the window a tiny parked car:

clowns mark

And maybe we should have let Pinocchio compete:

pinocchio rhymes

pinocchio mgg

And okay, while we’re here, let’s hit the second one, the Mother Goose and Grimm, with a CIDU tag. Yes, Jonah and Pinocchio both ended up inside whales (though Jonah a few thousand years earlier, but whatever), but why is Jonah holding a sheet of paper (?) and why is Pinocchio disassembled? Is the whale actually an Ikea popup?

Anyway, after the first weekend, it’s Death 2, Russian Clown Gesundheit 0.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here)